No matter what kind of Machine Learning model you’re working on, you need to optimize it, and in this blog, we’ll learn how exactly optimization works.

Optimization in Machine Learning is one of the most important steps and possibly the hardest to learn also. The optimizer is a function that optimizes Machine Learning models using training data. Optimizers use a Loss Function to calculate the loss of the model and then based on that tries to…

In this blog, we’ll learn about a new Deep Learning library, NeuralPy. It is similar to Keras in many ways but works on top of PyTorch. To understand NeuralPy, we’ll create a simple linear regression model that predicts the value of y for a given X.

First, let’s understand what NeuralPy is?

NeuralPy is a Keras like Deep Learning library that works on top of PyTorch. It is entirely written on Python, available on GitHub under an MIT license. …

This is the unofficial guide the basics of Numpy library. In this post, we’ll learn the basics of Numpy with python 3 code. So let’s learn!

What is Numpy?

Numpy or ‘Numerical Python’ is a python package for scientific computing. It is very popular among Data Scientists and Machine Learning Engineers. It provides…

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