A War between the USA and North Korea is Almost Certain

Get ready for a major war between Korea and the USA which will bring in Japan, South Korea with China and Russia watching to see if they too will need to get involved! Why! Because we have two crazy leaders governing these two countries. One of them, for cultural and historical reasons can NEVER back down. Kim Jong-un has built his whole reason for ruling as a continuation of the family line of supreme leaders of the DPRK, Kim Il-sung, his son Kim Jong-il and now his grandson Kim Jong-un. The entire country survives on the loyalty to their leader (and fear if they do not). When he took over the leadership at a young age and purged and murdered dissenters in his government (including his uncle) he convinced his government and his people that he was in charge and he would protect them from the evils outside of their borders. In the last 5 years he has dedicated himself to ensuring his scientists and military personnel improve and develop weapons of “mass destruction “ to show all his citizens that he is in charge and can keep everyone safe. The vast majority of his citizens believe him. He is now “too big to fail” and for him there is no way out. He can no longer compromise with the World by stopping him from developing a nuclear bomb and the missiles to fire them, because he cannot show any weakness or a hint that he is a failure! This madman now will stop at nothing but full scale war to prove to his people he is their supreme being.

We also have an egocentric, psychopath in the White House now who must be loved by his people too. But unfortunately for Donald Trump things are not going so well. But once he starts a fight with anyone, even Maryland Streep he won’t back down. His fragile ego won’t let him. Now through his bombastic blithering, he is basically telling Kim Jong-un and the World that America will take him down without the help from the rest of the World (if he has to do it alone). He has now set the tone but the World does not understand this North Korean leader. The previous leaders at times were willing to compromise even If they never kept their promises. Kim Jong-un cannot and will not, as a young, new leader ever been seen as weak or he could lose everything. Donald Trump will never accept anything but less than having North Korea back down, compromise, stop their nuclear program and be peaceful, obedient slaves to the rest of the World. Kim Jong-un will NEVER allow this to happen! And Trump’s ego will never allow a dangerous tyrant from a small, isolated country to call the shots or make Trump look weak as a leader. So we have one leader willing to risk everything to show his people he is their supreme leader and he will protect them. The other leader will do everything including having a major war with North Korea to save his reputation and stroke his ego. When two egomaniacs, one young and inexperienced, the other old and inexperienced, there is little hope that a major war between these two countries can be prevented.