America Will Never Recover from Trump

I hate to be a pessimist but the way Daffy Donald is portraying himself as President of the USA, he clearly in not such subtle ways, is destroying the America as we know it. And he is creating a new America that will not be Bannon’s vision of the future, or the people who voted for him or the Republican Party but a divisive, chaotic America. And I am not even sure if Trump knows the kind of nation he is creating. He quite clearly has no idea what he is doing, he is too inexperienced and too old for the job and his decisions are driven by his ego and who likes him.

It is very sad, almost pathetic for this old man, who has lived a life of luxury to admit that being President is more difficult than he thought it would be, even more difficult than his previous job. That comment alone sums up and shows an old man who is reaching senility. Then this poor pathetic creature, when things are not going well for him, and there are suggestions by the media and the public that he is not doing a good job what does he do? He either goes off to. Mar-a-Largo to golf or packs thousands of his faithful in a convention centre, so he can feel their love. What grown man, or President would need to do that rather than do a better job at governing.

It is just as pathetic that many Americans blame unions, corporations and government for the lowering of the standard of living in America. And Trump who is brilliant at manipulating these people, tells them he will make “America great again”! He wants to get rid of most free trade deals that were bad for American workers! Were the negotiators for those free trade deals stupid people who didn’t know how to negotiate properly? In business a negotiation is about winning, signing a deal and making money, it’s win, win! When trade deals are made between countries there has to be compromise and either a win for some, a loss for others but in the end a perceived win, win for all countries involved. Trump believes all trade deals should be written to make American workers better off than the workers of the other countries. This can’t happen or there would be no deals.

And when workers in other countries are being paid less than $1 an hour to produce good quality goods by American companies to sell back to Americans at lower prices and huge profits, capitalists like Trump would say this makes good business sense. What is really happening in America (and elsewhere too), the rich are becoming much richer while the spending power of the poor and the working class or middle class has been relatively stagnant. So American families wanting to maintain their high standard of living with 2 cars, big homes, luxury appliances and electronic gadgets, their guns, hobbies, trips, etc. have gone into debt to maintain their social status. Yet they are happy that they can continue to buy “luxury goods” at a reasonably good price because they are made overseas. The problem isn’t government but how the rich (including Trump and many of his Cabinet cronies) have reaped the benefits of a society that has created such inequity.

So here is a billionaire President who says he will fix things and make “America Great Again”? For whom? Yet the very people who gave been dumped on for the past few decades by billionaires, who don’t care about the plight of the blue collar workers, are now praising billionaire Trump and his rich cronies who now run the government. And Trump continues to lie to his loyalists at every turn, yet they not only believe him, they applaud him.

. Yet, when he continues to bash the free press, the Hollywood elite, as well as hire Cabinet people who believe in private education, who are getting rid of “illegal immigrants”, trying to prevent Muslims from entering the country, Trump is doing nothing to bring this country together. And he continues to lie to the point it becomes believable and then quotes the truth from the media (except Fox) as being untrue or fake. His followers will for the next 4 years listen to this dangerous oratorical demagoguery and it will solidify in their minds, what America is to them. Once these followers have been completely brainwashed, there will be no possible way that America will ever be able to heal itself and become a nation again that thrives on inclusiveness, equality and freedom for everyone.

A nation cannot be strong, successful and a leader in the World if its people continue to exist in distinct groups no longer wanting to work and progress together as one nation. Trump will have created divisions so wide, America will never come together again. But he will continue to stroke his ego at every turn, to convince himself he is the greatest President America has ever head without even listening to those who disagree with him.

So when it comes to winning and making his moronic base love him more, he will steadfastly get rid of Obamacare, making Trumpcare worse off for the poor, elderly and sick. He will build a useless wall that will accomplish very little but symbolically appease his base. He will start trade wars that will inherently increase prices to American consumers and increase inflation. He will help destroy the environment and more people will get sick from tainted food and water. He will get rid if many more Mexicans and increase hatred among Muslims creating conditions for more home grown terrorists with guns killing innocent people. He will continue to get his ideas from Fox News, the Internet and anyone else who likes him, to make decisions that will make him look good to his fans. He will start a war with North Korea because he needs to be strong, won’t back down and needs to prove he is better than his adversaries. Thousands will be slaughtered because of Trump’s stubbornness. He will increase the debt so astronomically that America may end up on the verge of bankruptcy. And because the media is so critical of his presidency, Trump is considering new legislation whereby anyone who criticizes Trump or his government can be sued for libel and heavily fined. (Sounds like North Korea, China or Russia except these countries put critics in jail.)

America will never recover from his Presidency. We have a man who liked his old job better. He didn’t think being President would be so difficult. A man who runs away from critics and reality. A man who runs to his loyal supporters so he can lie and manipulate them, have them cheer him on to convince himself he is a great president. He is President of the USA not because he wanted the job. His ego wanted to be President but not all the inconveniences that came with it. If he lasts the next 4 years and doesn’t quit or resign, every decision he makes will be for the short term with no sense of how America will be 4 years from now. But as long as he gets his ego stroked on a regular basis he will continue down this destructive path, that America will never recover from!

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