You’re not a liberal—you’re an extremist wearing trendy causes
Timi Olotu

I don’t even know where to begin to disagree with you on so many fronts. First of the anger that exists in many countries is to do with globalization and lack of wealth of the people who need it to buy goods, which would grow the economies. The Middle age American has sat lazily back, watched their jobs, pensions and high wages disappear. This is not the faults of governments. This is creation of capitalist billionaires like Trump. They go where wages are low, close down factories that are too costly so they can pay workers $1 an hour to make the same things abroad and make higher profits! It makes the American blue collar workers furious when non-whites are getting a better life at their expense! They are losing their superior position in the World but even Muslim youth and many young people in Europe have no jobs either!

So the racists Whites revolt because they are no longer the superior “race” anymore. They will express their opinions and their anti-immigrant, anti-Muslim and anti-Mexican beliefs based on no factual information but just to blame anyone but themselves and the capitalist system, to vote for racist Trump to return America back to a white America with high paying jobs. It won’t happen!

Trump won the election by lying to the voters and promising salvation to the White blue collar worker. And since he has now validated their opinions on falsehoods, they continue to believe their own lies because it makes them feel good!

There are so many factors why Trump won the election. But it was more cold and calculated than you think. Remember he barely won. But after easily getting support of all the fringe elements in American society (which he needed to win), then came his lies, the hatred of Hillary, the CIA, the Russians and the fact it was the Republicans turn to win, are an important part of the mix. But yes the majority of Republicans agree with his policies that he is enacting now.

But please don’t be naive, Trump knows he can’t impose a ban on “Muslims”. It would be unconstitutional and difficult to monitor so he chose these 7 countries. Those who supported this Executive Order, did so because they felt “safer” which is ridiculous and that less Muslims would be coming to America. So it was done for anti-Muslim reasons!

Your most troubling comment is liberals think when a Muslim bombs a building they are not Muslims? What on earth does that mean? Liberals say it was done by a Muslim Extremist because the law abiding Muslims don’t bomb buildings! And when a White (Christian) Extremist bombs a building their religion is never even mentioned!

The hate crimes that are happening all over America since Trump became the Republican Nominee and his subsequent election win is a direct result of his hateful rhetoric. He has legitimized hate against Jews and non-Whites and rarely does he condemn these actions, or retract the hateful talk he espoused during his campaign.

And in case you are not aware, most of Europe and America is White so I have no idea what anti-white Extremists you are talking about? And we don’t object to countries being bombed? Well I guess as Good Americans we could bomb Russian and Syrian planes out of the sky to show we aren’t too liberal?

My next comment will prove your point that liberals think we are always right and superior in how we think. But have you ever talked to a racist Republican? If you discuss economics, gun control, law and order or Rights and Freedoms, Foreign policy, you can actually have an honest debate with them. But when they present their racist views it is NEVER based on facts but on their hatred of minorities because they believe they are superior!

And Trump is talking about saving America just like Hitler did. And he is the one stopping free speech. If there is any censorship going on, it is aggressive censorship of not exposing the facts and truth but lies and fake news instead made to look like the truth. Allowing hatred and propaganda only makes those people on the fringe more hateful!

Hateful racist people do not believe in having an intellectual conversation, they believe in being right no matter what, because they feel that they are superior to everyone else!

So you can blame liberals all you want, but the White superiority factor is what’s is really creating the problems right now! And to suggest it is corporate greed and power trying to rule the World and only a Nationalist, America First approach will save us? Trump has properties all over the World! He is the epitome of corporate greed and power. He cares more about his power and money than America’s success.