Stupid People Support Conniving Leaders

I was never going to say that Trump supporters are stupid. But now I can honestly say that people who support Trump and attend his rallies are stupid, ignorant, gullible, easily manipulated and downright pathetic people!!!!

When you watch these White Yahoos nod in agreement, clap, cheer and smile at Trump’s every word, you would think that it was an audience in Nazi Germany listening to Hitler! Nothing Trump says is truthful but they applaud enthusiastically. There is no threat of terrorists coming to America from these 6 countries! Trump is not protecting us! This is an outright lie! There has been no terrorists who have come into this country from these places and created a terrorist act since 9/11!

There have been some awful mass murders of home grown Islamic extremist sympathizers, yes! But there have been just as many mass murders by White (Christians) people and other. non-Muslims, such as the mass murders. at Sandy Hook School, Columbine High School, the theatre in Aurora, Colorado, the. Virginia Tech massacre, and so many more.). But more people die in gun violence, car accidents, drug overdoses, etc. So get real about where the dangers in America are!

Trump, Bannon and many of their supporters want to do only one thing, stop anymore Muslims from coming into this country, which is unconstitutional. And they want to get rid of as many Mexicans as they can. So if you are going to clap and cheer at one of Trump’s rallies, admit you hate Mexicans and Muslims and other immigrant groups and you support the New White Supremacist Party that has take over the Republican Party.

Nazi Germany tried to get rid of Jews, homosexuals and other groups Hitler did not want in his Germany! Trump is trying the same thing by bans, Walls and deportations. It is just a friendlier version of what Hitler did. And I am not sure how sympathetic Trump’s Team and followers are to Blacks and Jews.

What has happened since the TRUMP White Supremacist Party has taken Office? There have been more acts of violence, destruction of property, verbal abuse and killings of non-Whites. This is now happening in schools, in the streets, in public places, and in religious institutions. It has been mainly targeted Muslims, Jews, Mexicans, people who look Muslim, and anyone else who should go back to where they came from. Except of course the Whites who came from Europe and Great Britain. They can stay!

It frightens me to see how good Trump is at being persuasive, how he lies, manipulates and cons his audience. And they sit there like Zombies cheering after every word and every exaggeration and every fabrication of the truth.

This is Trump’s America. Followers who will never question him. Trump is a successful businessman due to his sleazy connections to criminals, con artists and dishonest people. He had learned from them all. He will do anything, at any cost to be the richest man in the World when he leaves the Oval Office. He would like to look like a successful President too, to feed his own ego. He will make backroom deals, use blackmail even sell himself to the Devil if he has to, to reach his goals. And when he has these incredibly stupid, ignorant, insane people supporting him, he has all the acceptance and support he needs to continue to do what he is doing, “Making himself great!”

I am 9th generation American of Scottish/English descent and a retired educator, so don’t assume I am something else when I am not!