Trump Stole Canada’s Conservative Party’s Manual

Didn’t Trump realize when he stole the Conservative Party of Canada’s Manual that it was dated 2006? Does he not realize that the then Prime Minister of Canada, Stephen Harper, did all those things Trump is doing now? And in the long term it was soundly rejected by Canadian voters.

Stephen Harper accused the “liberal” media of being out to get him. He did not believe in global warming. He did not have press conferences. He tried to curtail the democratic processes that existed in Parliament, by shutting down committees, limiting debate, hiding other policies in his mega budgets, got rid of environmental laws, made law and order legislation a priority to put more people in jail, shut down Parliament, threw any loyalists under the bus if it suited him, went after whistleblowers, cut taxes for corporations and reduced taxes to the rich, always governing to his base. Does any of this sound familiar?

He didn’t trust his elected Party colleagues to talk to the Press so he trained a handful of people to practice repeating the same “spin rhetoric” over and over again, ad nauseum even if it made no sense. So if a reporter asked why a committee of scientists had been disbanded the reply would be, “we are lowering taxes, improving the economy and creating jobs, jobs, jobs.” The repetitive monologue had nothing to do with the question but was a form of brainwashing. Their ad about “Canada’s Economic Action Plan” was repeated so often on radio, TV and in thousands of signs across the country, people eventually just tuned out! But for years robotic humans repeated the same government phrases over and over again!

He went after anyone who opposed him, would spew out facts and information that was always an exaggeration. He went after judges, wanted a divisive electorate. He was anti-immigrant, anti-socialist, didn’t believe in government handouts. He reduced federal funding for healthcare, was pro-business at any cost. He liked Canada’s military role in Afghanistan, including turning over captives to be tortured by government forces. He was pro-Israel no matter what. He got involved in a Senate scandal and lied to everyone about his involvement.

He was dishonest, ruthless and ideologically driven so he fired scientists, got rid of the long form census and passed legislation based on his way of thinking and how to appease his base. He also had the perfect haircut, not one hair was ever out of place but the person who became Prime Minister had, from the Conservative political ads, “perfect hair though” as if the kind of hair you have is important in choosing or not choosing a leader.

He ruled Canada for 9 years but that was the last 10 years! Why would Trump steal a Manual from a Political Party that is over 10 years old that didn’t work? Doesn’t any country learn from the mistakes of other countries that tried things that were a complete failure.