Trump. Too Big to Fail?

America, we have a problem. We have a President who is completely incompetent at being President. He is his own worst enemy. His ego blames everyone else, so this buffoon is not going to change. The “whistleblowers “ haven’t helped. But if you were in a room with Trump and watched and listened to all his unbelievable errors of judgement, would you keep quiet knowing America would suffer the consequences of Trump’s inept actions or try and save the country before it’s too late. You can either praise this person as a saviour or as a traitor depending on your political persuasion.

What has been left out of this mess completely, again! are those people who voted for Trump in the first place. They don’t care about the media, foreign governments or who is right or wrong, honest or dishonest, truthful or lying. They still believe that this businessman will take them to the Promise Land of jobs and a great America again! Unless Trump has enough time to show how he can deliver on this promise, his loyal supporters will never let him down.

When Trump said after the Republicans chose not to vote on the first healthcare bill, that “they should let Obamacare fail miserably” then the elected officials would vote for a better healthcare bill. This is a horrible idea to have the American people suffer until a better bill is passed. But this was Trump’s solution.

Now the Democrats are in the same predicament. If they try to impeach the President and eventually succeed, Trump will not lose any support from his followers. The Democrats need to let Trump fail at creating jobs before there is any attempt at getting rid of him. But do the Democrats want to wait that long, see more turmoil and the worsening of the American economy before they see Trump supporters give up on his bombastic rhetoric. That is the quandary all Americans who oppose Trump are facing.

If Trump does get ousted from office I believe he would form a third Party to oppose the Democrats and Republicans, and in a 3 way race, he could possibly win. Then he could rule the USA any way he wanted to, if enough Trump candidates won in both Houses. So maybe at the moment Trump is too big to fail.

All his big ideas and big promises may need a chance to be deflated with no indication that he can deliver on his main promise of creating jobs, the only promise his loyalists care about. Many of us know Trump says anything that will sound good to his Trumpeteers, even though he has no idea how to accomplish anything that he says. The only crack in the armour of his supporters has been “jobs”. Many of them say if he can’t deliver on that promise, they would probably abandon him.

So when will it be a good time to dethrone this TV icon? When the ratings are low. But how long do we wait watching Trump destroy America before the majority of voters come to their senses? No one can tell when the timing will be right. But at the moment he is too big to fail, because he hasn’t fallen on his loyalists hopes and expectations. Until he falls in that direction, he has nothing to lose!