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Trent Lapinski

Well I just read your article why Trump won the election. It was really why you don’t like Hillary, and why as a Bernie supporter you needed to come up with some excuse why he lost the nomination and why Hillary lost the election. But your article is very shallow and simplified.

The reason why Trump won the election is one of shrewd calculations and an angry electorate. Probably the only thing worth repeating from you article is what we all know, Hillary was a bad choice for the Democrats.

But this is why he won the Electoral College and therefore the Presidency. First of all there are probably 60% of those who voted in the last election who always vote for their Party no matter what. The last election Obama won because of the Latino vote, the Black vote, his oratory skills, he promised change and got a lot of the Youth vote as well. But a large percentage of potential voters were upset because he won! They didn’t want a Black President, especially someone with the name Barack Hussain. Obama who had a father from Africa and spent several years in Indonesia, and was probably a Muslim and was not born in the USA. (20%) When he was re-elected they got even angrier and as some of his policies came into effect, they became outraged. Many of them now wish they had taken the time to vote. When Hillary became the Democratic nominee, the same group did not want a woman or another Clinton in the White House. And the hardcore Republicans did not want another Democrat as President and many female Republicans only wanted a female President if she was a Republican.

Trump decided well before he announced his candidacy to run, to get the extreme fringed elements, the White Supremists, the anti-immigration groups, the alt right, the anti-Muslim, anti-Mexican, the Chauvinists, the far right groups all to support him. He knew he needed them to win. When he announced his candidacy and spoke about Mexicans as rapists and criminals and banning Muslims, they all got on board.

With his TV star power, his gift of the gab and his personality he started getting new supporters showing up at his rallies. At every rally, he lied and spoke mistruths 30-40 times, to the cheers of his faithful that liked what he said and wanted to believe it. He also got all the unhappy workers on board, by blaming the Democrats for their plight rather than blaming capitalism-doing anything to make a larger profit at competitive prices. No matter what, when people overseas were getting a few dollars a day to make the same goods, why would the CEO’s stay in America? And why do these American workers feel a sense of entitlement that nothing in the economy should change. So Make America Great Again worked wonders!

Then you make Hillary look bad to get more people not to vote or like you, not to vote for Hillary. You present her as dishonest, go after her in regards to the e-mails scandal and expose the Democrats shady ways of trying to win. What blinded many Americans was the fact that Daffy Donald lied more at every rally than Clinton by about 10 to 1. He was a terrible entrepreneur who had many bankruptcies, many lawsuits against him but it was always his investors who lost money. In several court cases he deleted his emails to get rid of any proof he was corrupt. His Charitable Foundation in New York State was illegal and a farce. Any court cases against him, where he might have lost, he settled out of court. He hires temporary immigrant workers to work for him. He doesn’t pay a lot of his bills to some of the companies that worked on his hotels. But the media didn’t expose him for all his evils that were far worse than Hillary’s.

  • Then some of his campaign team met with a Russian delegation several times during the election but that got no traction by the press either. The Russians probably called them in to tell them about all the personal information they had on Trump, that if exposed, he would lose the election. The two sides made a deal, to expose Hillary and help Trump win. And if he did win, the Russians wanted the sanctions lifted and have the 2 countries become “friends”.
  • So Trump won, because he had the “”extreme” groups on his side, all the true Republicans, anti-Democrats, anti-feminists, anti-Muslim, anti-immigrants, anti-Mexicans, the blue collar workers, a lot of the Youth who spoke his language who voted for him. Then many other groups didn’t vote for Hillary. Many Bernie supporters like you, many youth, women, Blacks and Latinos who weren’t excited about Hillary. Then Trump got help from the Russian Government, Fake News, hackers, leaked anti-Democrats documents, the FBI and free TV and radio space on Conservative networks. And he didn’t win the popular vote and he squeaked by his opponent in several states to get the electoral votes he needed. That’s how he won the election!
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