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White World Domination is Eroding

I am not sure why it has taken me so long to understand what is really going on, in the World right now. As a retired person of English/Scottish ancestry I have no grudges against anyone. But there are a lot of White Europeans and their descendants who are mad and afraid of where they will end up, in the New World Order.

It is very simple to understand what globalization has really done. For the last few centuries the World has been dominated by the ancestors of White Europeans. The colonization of many regions around the world by the Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch, English, French, Scandinavians to some extent, and other European countries have created a White Empire. The English, French and Spanish settlements in North America, the Spanish and Portuguese “takeover” of South America were the beginning.

As the countries of these colonies declared their independence, the World was still run by White people of European ancestry. In the 20th century, as Europe (including Germany and Italy) had less influence worldwide they maintained their superiority over their adversaries (as was the case during the Great Wars) of the last century. Russia, Germany, England became very powerful and the Japanese (the first non-whites that tried to gain territorial power in the last century, lost). The present day resurgence of Europe (ECM) were signs that White Supremacy was here to stay.

With the importance of oil however, in the last part of the 20th century, parts of the Middle East were beginning to develop and modernize, especially Iran, Saudi Arabia and other Arab countries like Egypt, Iraq, Syria and Libya to name a few. But their influence was limited and feuds between different Islamic sects were detrimental to a unified force that could exert greater influence on the world.

Japan had lost World War II and became isolated, an economic powerhouse but with little worldwide influence. South America is still weak, Africa is struggling and the White Europeans and their descendants are still the most powerful and influential group in the World.

But with the collapse of the Iron Curtain, some powerful countries that had dominated a large part of the World (mainly Russia) began to crumble. The Powerful White domination even though non-European was beginning to fall. Now new non- white countries like China and India were becoming more powerful and with greater influence. At the same time Europe and North America had been opening up their borders for immigration purposes to keep their country strong (as long as the White Europeans were supreme).

Immigration worked well because the new immigrants in most cases either worked in minimum wage jobs or did the jobs the White citizens did not want to do. But with globalization, many non-white countries began to get richer when manufacturing moved away from Europe and North America to other parts of the World where wages were very low.

In the past 20 years the non-white immigrants and their offspring have become in many cases the new rich middle class in many of the countries they immigrated to. At the same time as more immigrants came to seek their dreams in Europe and North America, the White Middle class was losing its power, its influence and becoming financially less rich. (In The USA’s case it was the influx of Mexicans that became their nemesis.)

The White class in Europe and North America had had enough. They would not tolerate non-whites who looked different, wore different clothes, spoke a different language, had a different religion and culture destroying their White dominated society, not only in their own countries but worldwide as well. At first some of the newest immigrants faced prejudice and had difficulty integrating into their new country. There was resentment and anger on both sides. Now with the extreme (Muslim) terrorists creating havoc worldwide, we are close to internal and external conflict. We now have, not

a cultural war, or even a religious war, but really a race war!

The White Europeans and their ancestors have ruled this modern world for the last several centuries and it is difficult for them to accept or believe that the New World and New World Order could be run by Asians, Indians and Middle Easterners. That is why Russia, America and Europe is becoming anti-immigrant. The race war is now on, and. unless we understand that the mixing of races, globalization, wealth, power and influence should be shared equally by us all, there will be a world civil war in the near future!

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