Mr. Becker:
Art Feeney

Mr. Feeney:

I couldn’t find a response from you on Facebook, so let me address your points here.

I believe you’re referring to AEG, who owns and operated Staples Center in Los Angeles, as a potential suitor for Barclays Center. But the last thing I remember reading about them buying the building was that the two sides were very far apart in terms of price; AEG was willing to pay $500M, while Forest City Ratner had the building valued at $1B. Since the last I heard about this was in December 2014, I think it’s safe to assume the deal is dead.

The idea that the Islanders could use the Coliseum as a temporary home is an interesting one, and of every possible scenario that sees the team returning there, the only ones that make sense are ones where the Coliseum is used as a bridge to a new building. But I question how willing Barclays Center ownership will be to allow the Islanders to play in either building while a competing facility is being built, especially one that would probably make the Coliseum redundant.

As for the talk that the owners and Garth Snow are saying the team will return to Long Island (not that they ever left, geographically speaking), there’s a big difference between saying that and saying they will return to the Coliseum. As I said in the article, “If the team is going to move back to Nassau County, the best option is at Belmont Park.” And, yes, a brand new arena, built from the ground up with NHL hockey in mind, is the ideal solution. I just don’t see it being easy to get a fifth arena built in the metro area, either at Belmont or at Citi Field. At the same time, returning to the Coliseum full-time just rewards the shortsightedness of Nassau County and the Town of Hempstead, and this team has been hamstrung by shortsightedness, both internally and externally, for a very long time.

Lastly, you’re absolutely right when you say “with the Islanders ANYTHING can happen”, and every time I feel like we’ve seen it all in the last 45 years, some new wrinkle comes up. Islander fandom is certainly never boring!

Thanks for the feedback.

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