Valus system is a platform that create a connection between trade mark, retailers and customers . It deals with the selling of original things like watch, bags Jewelries and so many other items we can use every day in life.

Valus uses blockchain technology as a medium which enables the customers to confirm items through the use of QR code and basing notify about the items that was confirmed.

In Valus system you can purchase any item of your choice online through the use of QR code and blockchain technology with the aid of any device or laptop which is being connected to the internet.Valus makes it possible to ascertain the validity and reliability of any online market place.


Valus allow the accessibility and verification of authentic trademarks which have being proven to be reliable and reputable through the use of more advance technology .Trademarks that are permitted are therefore added to the platform to ensure better services to the general public. Trademark item are very protected and customers can confirm their items too.

If trademark is including any item on the blockchain platform, they will have to write an information about those items, like; name of the item, the manufacturer, the date of manufacturing, etc. Then, when the trademark enters all these information, they will now be able to include the item in the blockchain platform. In Valus trademark have their own QR code which is “hash code” and this code must be on the item, and in a box. Every trademark in Valus system must have an address number and they have to bring one or two persons who will manage the trademark items at the platform. And it is this two person that will determine what role the new employee that is being employ by the responsible body have to play to the growth of the trademark platform.

Trademark mission is to help the customers in getting information about the stores and the websites. Instances where the retailers sell any fake item will be minimize by shutting down that particular website that is selling the fake goods, so with this, valus create trust between trademark and the customers.

Retailers in connection with valus system would make sure that the sell good items to the customers so that they can be trustworthy in the side of the customers. Customers are being permitted to get access to the valus website and are allow to screen any item that they want to buy by clicking on the screening option on their mobile phones or laptop which is connected to the internet and login with their QR code. To access valus platform registration is require so as to gain access to the owners of the items . Before proceeding to the registration wallet ID is needed.

The vision of valus system is to make sure that they become a very good platform that will be loved by the customers and the retailers sell unique items to the customers with the help of the trademark. And also to condemn every other persons and website that are selling fake items.Therefore customers should purchase items from valus because their conditions are not high and they are transparent to every customers.

From the diagramme below we can all see that it is very profitable to buy the token at the early stage od the ICO which will be sold at $0.10=1VLS. 
Crowdsale STARTS 13. October 2017 12.00 UTC; ENDS 10. November 2017 20.00 UTC.



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