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If you’ve read my other pieces in Poor Lass over the years, or ever read my blog/listened to me chat on podcasts, you’ll have probably already heard me share a lot of my experiences when it comes to identity and how it’s shifted for me A LOT. I’ve specifically spoken about class a lot and it’s interesting to me how 5 years after we put out our first issue of Poor Lass, i’m here with a whole load of new thoughts, experiences and class identity realness. …

*Originally written October 4th 2010*

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DIY has been a huge part of my life — the culture that inspires me the most, the community that supports and enables me and the ethos that strengthens me and gives me the confidence and courage to go ahead and make things happen.

The documentary Instrument’ about the band Fugazi came at a good time for me, i just got back from tour, going to a week’s worth of shows at varying venues, communities and with all kinds of people in the audiences, showcasing the very best and worst experiences as a promoter and as a gig goer. …

*Originally written May 20, 2013*

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I was asked to be part of a discussion panel on personal writings and perzines at the Bradford Baked Zines event, ‘a week long celebration of self-publishing and DIY culture.’ It was a huge honour to be asked to participate and i was so siked to be up there sharing a platform with Rachel Kaye and Catriona Simons, both of whom are great writers and also strong and inspirational working class women too. We met up the night before at Cat’s house to chat through the areas we were individually going to cover, sharing our influences, previous projects and inevitably, when discussing personal writing, our own histories. I’ve known Rachel for five years now and we’re great friends, we even lived together for a few month’s early on which always adds that extra closeness and understanding of one another and their ways. It meant that at this point, sharing my personal secrets and feelings wasn’t so scary as she already knew them. What did occur to me though, as we were all sat round ready to ‘rehearse’ as it were that as much as i knew Cat and her work fairly well and we have a bunch of mutual friends, there were things we probably didn’t know about eachother at this stage and that now was the time to open up about them. …

Back in September 2015, i was diagnosed with PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder). It’s now May 2016 and i’m only just starting to see a light at the end of the tunnel.

At first the diagnosis was a welcome one. I was desperate for some understanding of what was happening to me, why i was feeling the way i was and how i could look to stop it as my usual methods of self care were falling short. It had been a whole year since surviving a traumatic event and while at the time it was perplexing, i later realised the milestone was pivotal in my diagnosis of PTSD. I had spent the last year reeling from what had happened, dealing with the after effects of trauma, attending specialist counselling and therapy sessions – all the while knowing this was totally natural, circumstantial – the hurt made sense. We all know the phrase ‘time’s a healer.’ But what if that’s not the case? …


Em Ledger

Product Owner at Sky. Writer. Podcaster. Oversharing always.

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