【IMEOS Interview】CHALLENGE DAPP: Influence People to Engage in Positive Behavior

Aug 22, 2018 · 4 min read

Chinese Version(中文版):https://mp.weixin.qq.com/s/Xyq6i2P7PnTZpUcLt_kiHA


Here at CHALLENGE, our mission is to use Blockchain technology to produce DAPPs that influence people to engage in positive behavior through the gamification of tasks using token economies and smart contract technology. Our debut DAPP will be the CHALLENGE DAPP.

IMEOS as an independent media focusing on EOS ecosystem development, we made an exclusive interview with Kent Eskam, Founder of ChanllengeDAC, bringing the details of project and goal to the community.


IMEOS: Could you please introduce CHALLENGE DAPP, and where do the idea come from for developing this project?

Kent: The ChallengeDAC develops augmented reality games that promote positive behavior through the use of token economics. New advancements in Blockchain, made possible by EOS, gives us an opportunity to create a context wherein people can turn daily activities into a game where they can receive real rewards! Our first DAPP will focus on rewarding people for going to the gym by providing and medium where players can risk and win tokens based on their ability to fulfill the challenges they make involving the time and frequency of their gym attendance. The idea was inspired by listening to conversions from a few years ago about smart contracts and their future use case, as well as more current reflections on the fact that the Blockchain space hasn’t seen a super viral smart contact DAPP yet. We have designed our first DAPP to be easy to use and understand as well as being very social in nature. We hope these elements will help the CHALLENGE DAPP to gain mass adoption and introduce millions of people to Blockchain!

IMEOS:We would like to know, how would CHALLENGE DAPP attract people to join and use this DAPP?

Kent: It will very easy to use; We suspect most users won’t even know that they are interacting with a Blockchain. It will be available for free in App Stores. Once the user downloaded the DAPP, there will be a simple interface where users can find or invite friends and family. Thereafter, users will have the ability to create or expect a challenge proposal that will include information like number of workouts, length of workouts, tokens risked or rewarded, as well as the location of the user’s gym, which will be recorded on the Blockchain. The challenge is verified through the uses of the EOS Blockchain and the user’s geolocation on their smartphone.

IMEOS:Could you please introduce CHL token from your project?

Kent: Yes, we airdropped to the whole EOS genesis snapshot and give away, close to 75% of our total token supply, to the EOS network. We did this because we believe in EOS’s technology and community. Also, we believe that the more people that are involved in the project the stronger it will become. As far as exchanges, I believe we are listed on several exchanges including Newdex and Bitpie; and I’m sure there will be many more to come.

IMEOS: Besides CHL token, if user can stake other valuable assets as challenge rewards?

Kent: Yes, we want to give people a variety of token options to be available to stake. A big opportunity we see, is to give corporate sponsors a gateway where they can tokenize their merchandise, gift certificates or coupons to allow people to trade or win them on our platform.

IMEOS:What is the progress of the project? How short time we can see the CHALLENGE DAPP launched?

Kent: We are hoping to have it ready to release to Apple and the Android app store by late August or early September. And of course, we will continue to make content updates and improvements from then on.

IMEOS: Challenge DAPP developed on decentralized blockchain, what special advantage compared to centralized system? And why you will choose to build on EOSIO Blockchain specially?

Kent: There are many. But, two big ones that stick out would be first, immutability, once the smart contact is registered and stored on the Blockchain chances are it will be executed; we believe this level of immutability will make the game fun. We could build something similar on a centralized app, but, the possibility of people reversing transactions of challenges they didn’t want to follow through with could pose a real threat to the game. Second, would be the speed or seamlessness, which we believe only EOS can provide us with the right now. This is the first time that a DAPP like us will be able to operate with so little third party interference; which will give the provide the user with a seamlessness experience!

Thank you for all your interest, it is much appreciated! Here is a DEMO of CHALLENGE DAPP: https://marvelapp.com/4ehj87a/screen/46177742

IMEOS: We are honor to invite Kent to make this interview with us, and we wish the success of CHALLENGE DAPP to become an super DAPP on EOSIO! IMEOS will keep bringing the community more constructive and interesting DAPPS information.

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