Why Bother Starting My Blog?

Ernie Bird
Aug 12, 2016 · 3 min read
Yes, I own one of the earliest Sony VAIO’s from 2000.

First of all, before I even type something here (which I did already), I want to say “hello” to the waiting open world of blogging. Blogging has been underestimated in my mind for several reasons, and I can explain why. Before I moved to the USA in 2012 due to being accepted to Berklee, I already had attempted to write stories, in Ukrainian. My dream was to write a book that would contain funny stories of my life.

See? That 16–17-year-old kid thought that he could share something with the world! But publishing a book was not making any sense — who would be reading it? Despite the fact that I had some serious performing and songwriting achievements back in my country, I didn’t have a sizable amount of fans. And who even knows me know? Although, I must admit that there are better chances right now that anyone would ever read my pathetic essays after I’m almost done with my college and have expanded my circle of friends. Also, blogging is free! Wow! Incredible! (I read too many Onion articles)

Anyway, blogging looked too biased to me. Logically, it is indeed that way; you express your opinions through blogging and don’t necessarily write professional New-York-Times-looking articles. Moreover, your views may or may not based on real facts, and it’s up to your audience to decide whether to believe you or not. But I’m not a scientist, not a founder of any company, at least for now, not a famous Grammy-awarded producer, though I do need a place that can help me let my thoughts and opinions out to the world, even if the world doesn’t give a single penny about me. What would it be?

Facebook? No. No, no, no. Using your regular Facebook profile as a blogging platform, for the most part, is a horrible idea. Most of your friends are gonna get immediately annoyed with all your big sandwiches filled with the stream of your consciousness on their Timeline. Most of your friends on Facebook, especially if you have two thousand of them, don’t really care about anything you post, really. Then why annoying the hell out of people. I’m not saying that posting about your cats, or maybe your new life goal with #alotofhashtagsattached is any better (although some occasional cat does make its way on my Facebook wall). I can talk forever about being annoying on Facebook, but no one can explain it better than Tim Urban in his article “7 Ways to Be Insufferable on Facebook.”

Medium.com, like any other blogging platform, is a perfect place for my stream of consciousness for the genuinely interested folks. Here is what you can expect from my blog:

  1. Music Observations.
  2. Entertaining stories from my life.
  3. Philosophy, science, and history.
  4. Politics, and more.

I hope it’s gonna be fun, but apparently, if you find that I epically suck at this hard job of blogging, do not hesitate to tell me, “Dude, Ernie, you’re a good guy and such, but don’t. Just don’t. Blogging is not your thing, dude. Keep singing your songs and pushing those mixing console buttons — that’s all you’re capable of. No offense, Ernie.” Until then, see you soon!

P.S. Oh, by the way, English is not my first language. On the other hand, this may just make my blog more entertaining. Feel free to write about anything in Responses.

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