Response to Imesh Gunaratne
Neven C.

Hey Neven, it’s so nice to hear from you and sharing information on the small footprint PAS implementation. It’s so great to see the reduction of the number of VMs required for the PCF Elastic Runtime in that. I actually heard about it from Mikey and Alex from the Pivotal Engineering team and tried to install it on AWS but encountered few problems. Later, I found the AWS Quick Start deployment for PCF which has been done using CloudFormation and it worked like a charm.

In contrast to Terraform based AWS installation guide provided in the PCF documentation, the above CF based deployment works very well may be due to the fact that it only asks for environment specific parameters from the user. Thanks for pointing out to the managed PCF service on Azure, it looks great!

Well, with my experience the platform as a service features and service integration capabilities provided by the PCF runtime has always been excellent! It might be the strength of PCF. More importantly, I was so fascinated to see the Open Service Broker API initiative taken by you and few other organizations for bringing the same functionality in to Kubernetes and other leading container cluster management platforms.

Thanks again for your feedback on this!