i created cluster using kops create cluster \ — node-count=2 \ — node-size=t2.micro
Ashish Karpe

Hi Ashish, it’s nice to hear from you! You can use --master-size parameter for specifying the instance type of the masters similar to the --node-size parameter given in the kops cluster create command for specifying the node size. You can find this information using thekops cluster create --help command as shown below:

kops create cluster --help
Create a kubernetes cluster using command line flags. This command creates cloud based resources such as networks and virtual machines. Once the infrastructure is in place Kubernetes is installed on the virtual machines.
These operations are done in parallel and rely on eventual consistency.
kops create cluster [flags]
# Create a cluster in AWS
kops create cluster --name=kubernetes-cluster.example.com \
--state=s3://kops-state-1234 --zones=eu-west-1a \
# Create a cluster in AWS that has HA masters.  This cluster
# will be setup with an internal networking in a private VPC.
# A bastion instance will be setup to provide instance access.
export NODE_SIZE=${NODE_SIZE:-m4.large}
export MASTER_SIZE=${MASTER_SIZE:-m4.large}
export ZONES=${ZONES:-"us-east-1d,us-east-1b,us-east-1c"}
export KOPS_STATE_STORE="s3://my-state-store"
kops create cluster k8s-clusters.example.com \
--node-count 3 \
--zones $ZONES \
--node-size $NODE_SIZE \
--master-size $MASTER_SIZE \
--master-zones $ZONES \
--networking weave \
--topology private \
--bastion="true" \
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