Imexe Airdrop Announcement

What is imexe?

Imexe is a cryptocurrency Exchange platform that rewards traders with reward points and shares 30% revenue to the token holders.

In the near future, you will be able to avail loan services from imexe as well.

Airdrop Rules:

The airdrop tokens will be sent to the users after the ico concludes. The users need to be following us on twitter until the token sale and must be on our discord and telegram for the same duration.

  1. Follow us on twitter: 5 Imexe tokens
  2. Join our Telegram: 10 Imexe tokens (limited to 10k users)

Additional reward for joining our Discord.

Join here: Discord. 15 Imexe tokens (limited to 10k users)

Get Bonus for inviting users on Discords. 1 Imexe per Person invited.

Visit Imexe Bounty

Fill out the Forum to be qualified in the Airdrop.


Our Website.

Ico page.