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Imfs KP Singh
Oct 24, 2019 · 3 min read
GRE Goals

Most of the students have an unknown fear of maths in their mind that if the question came on the basis of rules of maths then how will they face them…? Many of the students don’t read the question in the influence of the fear of maths and end up clicking the wrong answer instead. To save you from such silly mistakes and to save you from the fear of maths, IMFS introduces the best GRE coaching in Hyderabad as well as gre classes in Dadar.

The question of whether maths is easy, moderate or difficult revolves in every student’s mind and with this confusion, if anybody will study then it’s obvious that the logical mind will not get develop in its best extent. while preparing for the GRE, the concentration is needed, logical ability is needed and this comes from daily practice and concentration. Going through the official guide by any renowned institute like IMFS will make you believe that quantitative reasoning in GRE requires nothing more than a mere brush up. It's just made of basic things in mathematics like time and work, mixture and alligations, percentages and many more topics that you have already studied till your 10th standard.

GRE math questions are easy but deceptive

According to a detailed study of the previous many papers of GRE, IMFS, gre coaching in Hyderabad, as well as gre coaching in Dadar, have concluded that the GRE Quantitative Reasoning section is easy but deceptive. The questions included in this section have a way of camouflaging their cunning. They look easy and they are easy most of the time; however, they can be very tricky. These questions can’t be ignored while attempting the GRE paper. This is the most scoring question. If you practice it well then you will surely be able to do all the questions on your own. You just need your basic concepts to be cleared.

You should look upon content and strategy

The questions that are asked in GRE under quants were already in your syllabus when you were in high school. the concepts tested are at high school level, such as percentages, averages and geometry, the structure of the questions is tricky. GRE Math seems tricky but it’s easy and it ultimately has a weapon known as Quantitative Comparison questions. Some questions include a comparison of two quantities and then identify which of the two quantities is greater.

It obviously looks like an easy thing to do; however, these questions are structured so smartly that there is sure chance of getting a wrong turn. Therefore, if you are planning to prepare for GRE Math, don’t forget to revise your basic concepts and learn the strategies that are specific to Quantitative Comparison. Almost 40 % of the paper will be based upon such types of questions so you better be prepared for it!

Don’t forget the scoring Blues

Ultimately, we are all working for the good score in GRE. from studies, we can say that students typically score higher in GRE Math and quants compared to GRE Verbal. So, practice it well and score well! The IMFS GRE coaching in Hyderabad and Dadar are with you with all good wishes and support.

Imfs is the best coaching institute for GRE, GMAT, IELTS, TOEFL, SAT, PTE.

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