This is the second post in a 3 part series about A/B testing an email. The first post was about making a good first impression.

After an Open

You’ve spent time, effort, and money in crafting a compelling subject line and preview text that persuaded your customer to open your email. What’s next?

If you want to iteratively test on the design of an email you need to design scalable templates and instrument your email code in a manner that is easily testable. One approach is to identify areas in the email body that can be leveraged for experimentation. …

This is the first post in a 3 part series about A/B testing an email.

Email is an invaluable channel in a comprehensive messaging program for any business. Depending on your audience there are a few key levers within an email that lends itself well to testing. There are multiple areas of testing outside of the actual email itself such as time, day, frequency, personalization signals, etc. that are also valuable to test but those areas are not the focus of this particular series of stories.

First impressions

You need to make a compelling case to get your customer’s attention in a…

The Notifications Blog

Welcome to the new home of the product messaging blog. We are now The Notifications Blog. Stories from our old publication have been moved to this one.

A few weeks ago the Netflix Tech Blog published my story about our journey in building a cross-platform in-app messaging orchestration service.

Most applications today have some kind of in-product messaging system. At Netflix, the Messaging Engineering team builds the platform and the messages to provide thoughtful messaging experiences for our customers. We communicate through external channels such as email and push-notifications as well as in-product messaging across all Netflix devices.

You can read the story by going to the Netflix Tech Blog post below

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We are product messaging enthusiasts.

We define product messaging as a business strategy where customer messaging is an essential part of the core product offering.

Product messaging strategies include looking at messaging holistically for a product or company. This means making thoughtful decisions around paradigms like messaging frequency (how often should we message customers to provide optimal value), timing (the right time to send a message to a customer), caps (if we send this particular message now, would we be losing an opportunity to send a more relevant message later), and balance (the balance between customer value and business needs).

George Abraham

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