Double edged sword of a bicycle company startup

There’s many roles to take on in a startup. That is why it is, well, a startup. To bring a product to market has been quite an ordeal. I am not settling for becoming what is in essence a retailer for imported products. I am creating a new product, adding value, and in return seeing that becoming a competitive advantage in a crowded market, selling bicycles, Valence Bicycles.

While I am developing new products, I am facing the need every inventor needs to sell their product. I need to ensure people want and need what I’m making. This poses a split of my resources. There is a large portion that must create demand for what I have and what I’m making. There’s also a large portion that must make and create.

Here’s where the double edge sword takes its toll: I do have the eyes forward, narrow focus neccessary to just “get er done”.

Here’s the good: I am learning what people like. I am opening up supply channels. I am opening up distribution channels. I am learning.

Here’s the other good: I am solving road blocks that I’ve run into on my R&D side by diversifying my experiences “getting my hands dirty” with on hands experience.

Would I hand off the selling side if a genie in a bottle granted me a wish? Absolutely. Would I regret it? No doubt.

What would you do?