When SLR burn iPhone Recommended iPhone photography peripherals

IPhone powerful photographic collection of peripherals

SLR? You don’t need money?

Smartphone replace digital cameras these days, a first choice for travel photography tools. Unique and smart-phone camera, probably the rival you only SLR camera. Surveyed are willing to choose iPhone photography has gone far beyond the digital camera user. Record iPhone photography has become a way of life, but although iPhoto lens is best in its class, but face growing demands of the mobile devices, do not add the iPhone or the slightly larger of the accessories. Those with SLR too expensive trouble, with the iPhone too ineffective people, small peripherals would you recommend some good iPhone photography, so you spend less than a SLR money, shoot a more professional than SLR, designs more photos to come!

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Photography-enhanced devices: more powerful

Photography-enhanced devices: more powerful

Professional camera peripheral tools designed specifically for iPhone KLYP

World famous photographic equipment and accessories manufacturer Manfrotto launched one specifically for professional iPhone protective case Klyp. It is equipped with two movable interface clip, other peripherals to match Manfrotto, depending on user behavior with different accessories. Shell completely iPhone design, users photograph without prejudice to any other action. …… [More]

14 million megapixel iPhone camera accessories

Designed specifically for the iPhone 5 C.5 and V.5 model with 14 million pixel sensor and Flash components, use 14 million sensors replace the iPhone’s built-in iSight camera, would greatly increase the clarity of the picture contains a built-in Flash, support to take high quality pictures at night, through iPhone Lightning connector, replace the iPhone’s camera and Flash. …… [More]

Adapter iPhone5 Photojojo SLR lens reverse peripherals Ted Baker Galaxy S3 Case

From Photojojo peripherals, including iPhone protective case and adapter has two parts. After you install this product, you will be able to add SLR lens for the iPhone. Adapter separately to fit Nikon or Canon lenses, you can choose according to their preferences, but everything had to be manually adjusted. IPhone 4/4S iPhone and 52 versions. …… [More]

External lens: a different perspective of the world

External lens: a different perspective of the world

TurtleJacket PentaEye four-in-one shot

Turtleback launched Hong Kong’s PentaEye is a good choice. This is one with interchangeable lenses iPhone5 phone case, it allows you to use the iPhone5 free lens also can be selected by rotating the lens elements back to FishEye, telephoto, macro or wide angle lens, lens selection, fast switching speed, no doubt is a very portable writing tool. …… [More]

Photojojo produced three iPhone portable lens set

Today we will recommend a very good three iPhoto portable lens set, make your iPhone more high-end. This three piece set includes lens fish eye, wide angle/macro, telephoto lenses. Applies to nearly all of the iPhone, and can be used on other Android phones. …… [More]

IPhone Magic Macro lens macro lens

Hobby ideas Japan’s got talent can be designed take effect of macro lens for iPhone. If you want to object macro shooting, but don’t want to spend heavily to buy SLR macro lens. Try this can be 16 times the Macro Zoom lens macro lens, the Lens is approximately 125cm x 60cm x 13cm, weigh 43 grams. Can also be made with 60 times zoom macro lens, and can be fixed using a tripod. …… [More]

The creative peripherals: some photo SLR can’t beat

The creative peripherals: some photo SLR can’t beat

Make iPhone 3D camera 3DCone

3DCone is an iPhone can shoot 3D accessories, through co-ordination and Saturn3DDesigh this free application, you can make 3D photos and even videos. Feature of 3DCone is that you can make 3D videos, because users only need one shot can also get two pictures at different angles. …… [More]

360 ° panoramic photo by peripheral Kogeto Dot

As long as the iPhone Kogeto Dot clip together, you can pan through supporting software movie, you can directly share on the Web, live. Equipped with an iCONIC scene, unique Catadioptric optical system and AR-coated anti-reflective treatment technique in the context of multiple light sources can be used to restore color. The device without having to configure the battery or external power supply, which is very convenient. …… [More]

A 90-degree angle shooting peripheral HiLo iPhone lens Lens

This lens can keep the cell phone shot from a 90-degree angle is very useful in making tall buildings, of course, there is also may invade the privacy of others. HiLo Lens has now for the iPhone 4 and 4S is designed, users only need to use 3M adhesive tape can be easily installed, removed without any residues. …… [More]


Of course these pictures are peripheral accessories are much more expensive than the average, and iPhone price but even added together, also missing a DSLR. By way of comparison, starting with these photographic peripherals is a good buy. Unless, that is, iPhone shooting capacity of more than one day SLR … … Let us hope the iPhone6 … … Ted Baker Galaxy S3 Case

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