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GIF is one of the most used file format in mobile and web.
We introduce you ImgPlay, which is one of the best GIF maker app on iPhone and it can ..

Wait, how did you pronounce “GIF”?

How to pronounce GIF is so controversial that strong arguments flared up around on internet. And we thought the controversy died down now.

However, when we checked a beautiful review about ImgPlay on Lifehacker this morning, we found out a comment.

This war has not ended yet, has it? This war is in a state of truce.

As one of…

Memes are now our favorite culture. Memes are humorous or satirical contents which are shared by lots of people and they can be many media types: image, video, GIF, quotes, etc.

One of the most used meme types is a moving meme such as GIF or video with caption.

Where do you get GIF or Video memes?

You could search funny memes from the Internet but it can take longer time to find out the perfect meme.

If you have been googling memes to find out perfect one, how about making your own memes?

You can make memes not only…

Photo by energepic.comfrom Pexels

Facebook and Instagram are the perfect platforms to find out fun videos or photos and share them with your friends.

But how about GIF? Do you know how to post your own GIF instead of video or photo to Facebook or Instagram?

Unfortunately, Facebook and Instagram does not support users to upload GIF.

I know. What a shame.

But don’t worry! It is possible to turn the GIF into video with ImgPlay and you can upload it on Facebook or Instagram!

ImgPlay is a GIF maker app converting GIF from video, photo, Live photo and burst. …

GIF is always entertaining. It is not too heavy like videos, nor too bored like still photos. You can put GIF into your articles or send it to your friends by messenger.

GIF is almost anywhere with providers, such as Giphy or Tenor. However, those GIFs are pre-made such as books from libraries. Why don’t you make your own GIF?

What you need:

  • iPhone, iPad or iPod
  • Videos, photos, Live Photos, Bursts you would like to convert to GIF
  • ImgPlay app

With ImgPlay, to make GIF is super easy.

How to make GIF

Step 1. Download ImgPlay


Simple and easy gif maker app for iOS and Android, Photos to gif, video to gif, burst photos to gif @imgplay #imgplay

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