The Habits of going the Extra mile — Personal Experience

In Person Drop

Here is the simple but powerful rule … always give people more than they expect to get.

It has a great impacts on the recruiter if you are going to extra mile to achieve your perspective.

Amal Academy has assigned an a individual task on “In Person Drop CV or Cover letter for a job”.

Goal: My goal is to grab an internship opportunity in a “Subways Fast Food Restaurants”.

For this purpose, I can successfully send the email to the HR professional Mr. Manzoor Hussain sb of Subways Pakistan with carbon copy to the Headquarter America. Unfortunately, I didn’t get any reply of my email from anyone from the subways.

Afterwards, i can change my strategy to grab this opportunity of Internship by going to the extra mile. When i realized, Subways unable to give reply of my email. So, i can make a sudden plan to meet their HR professional in their Regional office of Faisalabad, Pakistan.

Therefore, I can go to their office and meet the Receptionist. Receptionist don’t give me an appointment time with HR professional of subways. But, Lucky i can able to see the face of the Manzoor Hussain. After that, I can wait 2 hours at the door of Subways head office. Eventually, Receptionist call me from the door and take me to their HR manager. Finally, I can able to introduce myself to them and they are very inspired to my degree Agribusiness and my extra mile effort for in person drop. He can also give me their personal company card. I successfully drop my Resume to him and also i wrote Thank you email for their precious time.

My Regret is that, Subways didn’t offer my an internship because they usually offer internship in summers. I am very much happy that i can able to make a valuable network or contact with Subways or their HR professional.

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