Drug-Free Pain Management: Devices To Give Relief At Your Home

Suffering from any kind of chronic pain? Got tired of popping pills? If yes, you must need to find out a drug-free way to control pain. Living with back pain may be the worst phase of your life where even moving an inch becomes a difficult task. Sometimes even different types of therapies and a healthy lifestyle don’t work. In such case, you may try pain relieving devices that might work for you.

Let us learn about different types of devices and how they function.

Thermal Back Pain Devices

Thermal back pain devices use temperature to manage pain. Heat therapy and ice packs are one of the greatest pain relievers which can be easily used at home.

TENS Machine

For a lot of patients, TENS (Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation) machine is a great alternative painkiller medication. They usually come in portable, battery operated devices which can be easily worn on the body. Sometimes a small device comes to relieve a variety of pains like headaches, sports injuries, muscular pain, back pain, etc. for example, Deluxe TENS unit or digital TENS units. Provided with timer, pulse frequency, dual channels and fully adjustable parameter; these devices act as excellent pain back-up.

Massage Tools

Undoubtedly, massage is a great way to soothe pain. However, getting a regular massage from a professional may turn expensive and time-consuming if you are trying to get rid of chronic pain. Fortunately, there are plenty of massage tools available to help you out, like roller massager, foot roller, massage balls, foot star, massage stick, relax hammer, self-massage tools and a lot more. You can also find specialized massage tools for deep tissue, acupressure, and trigger point therapy, etc. except from other TENS unit supplies or Thermal devices.

Supportive Pillows

Pillows may turn a great way to reduce pain especially if it is a back pain. You may also use pillows for extra support, for example, a U-shaped body pillow can give you support from all the sides. It is also a great option for pregnant women dealing with back and foot pain.

If you are seeking a drug-free pain management option, these devices may turn great pain relievers.

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