Helo - A live streaming platform with a crypto twist

Find the app on Google Play and the Apple Store as Helo Live Streaming

This September, we’re excited to unveil Helo — the freshest and most unique way to Go Live! Unlike other streaming services, we’re blending live streaming with a social media platform that embraces a variety of cryptocurrencies.

Go Live

At the tap of a button, Helo enables you to showcase your thoughts, hobbies, talents and skills. Or even the latest blockchain events from any place, at any time. Share your stream on any social media site to grow your fanbase. When your audience gets large enough you might find yourself featured on our app!

Catch It Live

Tune in to a wide array of talents; everything from crypto experts, gamers, musicians, DJs, artists, vloggers, comedians and more. Take part in AMAs, airdrop campaigns, token sales with our popular crypto-influencers. Choose from a vast selection of awesome virtual gifts to reward your favorite personalities.

Always Nearby

Discover what events are near you and what the Helo community is up to. Share your best moments through location-tagged photos and status updates. Liking and commenting will help you connect with nearby users and form new friendships!

Chat, chat, chat

Stay connected through our integrated messenger function. Interact directly with your friends and favorite streamers on Helo. Create group chats, arrange collaborations and share all kinds of media in this awesome new feature.

In our next post we explain how Helo will cater to a variety of cryptocurrencies so stay tuned!


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Helo is a new live streaming movement. Use Helo to interact with your audience in real time & face to face.

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