On Ben Carson — Give him a break, man must whack

I love success stories. They help us make sense of the world around us, and give us hope that we too, doing the right things, can emerge and be successful. They give us a sense of ‘control’ almost, in a world that mostly operates on contexts that we have absolutely no control over.

That said, we as a people have a tendency to take success stories, and then idolize the subject of the story. Creating expectations for them which they have not asked of us, and then judging their choices based on the image we have created of them in our minds.

I saw a few people online discuss their disappointment in Ben Carson due to his endorsement of Donald Trump, and then his further admission that he did so because he was promised an office should Donald eventually get elected. Understandable, this absolutely trumps (pun intended) the Ben Carson brand from Think Big and Gifted Hands that we all loved, but that is only because we fell in love with the success story and created an image of who he should be, and what type of decisions he should make in our minds.

At the end of the day, a human is a human is a human. All Ben is trying to do is write the last chapter of his success story and we’re not understanding the politics of this part of the story, simply because all the politics of the earlier story of how he became a successful neurosurgeon was left out of the books we saw. Ben is a retired neurosurgeon, and Ben’s got to feed especially now that he has invested a good chunk of his retirement funds into his political endeavors. Please let Ben be so he can write the final book, make some money, and pay some bills. Man must whack.

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