Grand Canyon Adventure Tours Las Vegas

Las Vegas is one of the major tourist attractions situated near the beautiful city of California and Arizona borders. This metropolitan attracts a great number of travelers every year largely for its night-clubs and the Grand Canyon.


The Grand Canyon is a chasm of the Colorado River in the northwest of Arizona. It is stared as one of the natural spectacles of the world. This Valley is about 1.6 km deep, 6.4–29 km wide and approximately 349 km long. The U.S. administration made the Grand Canyon a national headstone somewhere in the year 1908 and later allotted a huge area as the Grand Canyon National Park. Considering that, Grand Canyon is a major tourist attraction of Las Vegas; diverse kinds of tours are organized within the city in order to enjoy some real Adventure Tours Las Vegas on this natural wonder of the world.

Reaching Grand Canyon

There are a variety of Las Vegas Grand Canyon tours accessible that offer different means of transportation. Travelers can either get to the Grand Canyon by lavish buses or through air conditioned six passenger VIP helicopters with broad view windows. Most of the motor vehicle tours are for almost 14 hours and provide hotel pickup and drop facility. These bus tours offer all the comfort along with safety, as they are fitted out with airline seating, washroom, and panoramic openings so that the commuters can have a stunning scenic journey.

Choosing Mode of Transportation

These tours halt at the most exclusive locations for unique sights from along the Grand Canyon border. They also offer complimentary buffet dine to the visitors at one of the finest Canyon area restaurants alongside the land excursion of Grand Canyon South Edge. As compared to motor vehicle tours, helicopter tours are a lot more adventurous and take less time. Sightseers can experience the proper ranch escapade with cowboys alongside enjoying remarkable sights of the Hoover Dam and Lake Mead, silver mines, the Colorado plateau and Ice Berg Valley from the helicopter. These expeditions provide the vacationers with the definitive rugged cowboy experience, as the ranchers take them through horse drawn wagons to the farmstead where they can have a spaghetti western meal with live performances and music.

There are loads of special discounts accessible on last minute wintertime bookings of Grand Canyon Adventure Tours Las Vegas. These expeditions truly help to create the Grand Canyon outing an unforgettable one.

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