How Shoe Tying Made Me More Humble

I’m an adult btw

Not long ago, Nike unveiled their Back to the Future style self tying shoes for us regular folks, and that got me thinking. Do I need someone to tie my shoes?

Like most adults my age, I figure I’m pretty good at tying my own shoes. I mean, I’ve been doing it unassisted for more than two decades.

I don’t discriminate either, I’ve tied white shoe laces, and black shoe laces. I’ve done fat ones, and skinny ones. I thought myself well rounded and competent.

And then the other day, I had to eat a serving a humble pie. Not because Elon Musk had already sold his first company and built another when he was my age, nor was it because some 18 year old got her Ph.D before I even graduated high school.

It was because I learned that I’ve been tying my shoes wrong.

Wrong my whole life.

Heres the incorrect way:


Looks fine right? But apparently when you pull at the base, the loops of the laces lie front to back which indicates a weak knot:


Heres the correct way with a more secure version of the knot (note the loops):


Now lets be real. Not a lot of people really care if you can tie your shoes properly so that the loops lie side to side and not front to back. It’s such a small thing that it’ll barely impact your life and it’s definitely not a good ice breaker for a first date.

The main take away is that even when you think you know something, there could be a whole different level of knowledge that you didn’t know existed.

Discovering a different level of knowledge is like finding out theres a 5th floor when the elevator only goes up to the 4th.

It blows your mind because you don’t know, what you don’t know.

Who knew knot tying was such a big deal? Ask anyone who sails or these guys, and you’ll realize there are so many different variations of knots, each with their own pros and cons. Knots were probably a big deal some hundreds of years ago.

Here is where it really hits home for me.

If you and I had a conversation while I was in college, I would probably come off as someone who thought they knew everything. It was the words that I chose and the tone of my voice. I didn’t know at the time, but a lot of people have since told me it was very difficult to talk to me. Oops.

Since then, I’ve started noticing just how big the world is and just how little I actually know, even things as simple as tying my shoes.

I’ve gotten better at being open minded and I seem to be getting along better with others — a huge relief because I found it before it’s too late.

The horse I’m sitting on has been getting a little shorter every year, but for some reason, I can see farther than I did before.

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