No, we don’t f**king send you rabbits.

When we started RabbutMail, we only had our product in mind. We wanted it to be the ultimate email tool for bloggers, marketers, and people who use Medium (like you and me). We had thought of everything except the name.

Someone I can’t remember once mentioned how valuable it is to humanize your brand. It’s why all of his not very successful startups (,, seemed to have a cute and recognizable creature as a mascot.

He says building a successful brand requires connecting humans with cute things, and we believed him. Thats why we settled on Rabbut.

Golden. We (the designer) fired up Adobe Illustrator and went to work on a cute logo and set off on the road to start-up success.

What they don’t tell you about having cute domains like (d’aww) is that at a glance, people don’t know what it’s about.

Turns out it’s a common problem in marketing. You shouldn’t expect people to immediately understand what you do. Brandnames only get associated to great things over time — Nike didn’t mean good shoes until their shoes were good.

That’s fine, we’ll just build a good product and people will know what Rabbut is about.

Or so we thought.

A few weeks ago we opened to the public. We got a huge influx of new Medium users. And what do you get with a bunch of new users?

No, not money (we’re free at the moment).

You get a ton of support tickets.

Late last week, we found this gem:

In a very serious attempt to not become Rabbuts Express, let me set the record (and the branding) straight.

No, we don’t f**king send you rabbits.

We do this: