Four Questions Towards Understanding User Adoption of Your Product
Josh Elman

Very informative article! A couple of years ago, I helped develop an Android first person combat game . Since there were already an abundance of combat games in the market, we had to make sure that we added our own twist too it. When we first offered our app out to the public, we had a very surprising large amount of downloads right away. However, as the weeks went on, our fan base quickly decreased. We realized that we needed a change but didn’t know what our users wanted. As a result, we sent out a broad message to our users asking them what they would like to see in the next upgrade. With the input we received, we eventually created an update, released it, and watched our users significantly increase. We noticed that most of the recent downloads were being re-downloaded from previous users. Instead of surprising users with new weapon improvements or more strategic campaign levels, we dived right into collecting user input. Businesses always believe that they have to be inventive themselves and take matters into their own hands. But, the users will have the best ideas since they are the ones constantly using the product.

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