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Do You Really Need Someone To Build Your UI or UX?

I’ve worked for a big international company that decided to stop their international expansion, firing about two hundred employees and one of them was me. Before working with them, I was one of the heads of design for a Brazilian governmental company and before this, I’ve been exploring the world of code since the beginning of my teen ages that helped me a lot when building interfaces today. Everything is connected and every single experience that I had from my first website to my last international experience at a big company as designer showed me that you need to be updated all the time on what people is looking for at anything digital.

User experience and user interface designer. This is how I call myself and those are my areas of expertise but I need to confess before continue writing this: You never will be the best and I’m not going to be the most updated person to write something on this. You need to be a great observer and at the same time, you need to know where is your user and where you need to go to achieve your objectives for any single project.

I can say that a user experience designer is not a designer itself but the person who works with this is basically a kind of product manager that uses the creativity to build new things and without them, at the teams, you will need much more efforts to build the final product to your client. I am not talking only about creating beautiful interfaces and amazing wireframes before sending to the user interface designer to start the drag and drop of objects at any software that they can use, I’m talking about how people are going to feel and how the team is going to see that project.

Once the user experience designer is there building the basics of the app or web page or even an event (who knows?), the user interface designer is there to transform the lines of that wireframe or just some terrible drawings to beautiful fake screens to be prototyped later and then to send to the developers and, as almost all of us already know, the developers might make some mistakes like making the padding wrong or using a typeface that is not in the project design. Mistakes or just lack of attention when we are building the team? Designers are important.

I have read some articles talking about companies that have designers in all areas, independent of them. Creative people that use the limitations and the challenges to build and construct something and those articles emphasized well that companies that have designers on their teams are faster on growing and constructing relations between those who are working together. This is where I can tell that you need the user experience designer and during all this time you might be wrong about it and how they are working. I have learned that the UX can help you organize and prioritize things on the team at this world where there is no longer a chief but a lead.

I saw the importance of those professionals more than the normal when I was at my last job and when they made a kind of internal agency where I’ve started to become even more proficient on UI and UX along with coding. Some might tell me that I am just crazy for doing code and design at the same time but at my perspective I can tell you that they evolved faster than before with this, with people doing the job of designers and making the team see that they have support of people that could not only develop something to them but at the same time support any kind of projects.

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