The Price of Your Like.

Are you sure that nobody is tracking you?

Connected. Yep, we are all connected today and doesn’t matter if you are a child of an adult — you are already at this network of computers and databases that already know every single thing about your life while your life is just being wasted. Quantity or quality? Both at the same time or just a way to be highlighted while people are just going down or are this how you want to be online? Just one click at the like button could be more dangerous than you can imagine. Are you really like this and those are your true behaviors at your real life? It might be what your real life is slowly becoming.

Addicted to clicks and touches at the screens all the time while randomly typing 140 characters per second while you try to find someone to just read what you are feeling and don’t give a sh*t about that thing. Next post, please! I really don’t care about your feelings but I’m just trying to follow and find a mistake that that famous guy that just posted a new photo. Oh yeah, this is the web of fools.

We share billions of content: From beautiful pictures of food, text, general images or that nude that could disappear in ten-seconds. Have you ever paused to think where your post can go and maybe become viral or a problem between your friends? Probably you never thought about it. You’re not going to help that baby with cancer if you retweet or share that image that says that they are going to donate one dollar to each new share once that post was not even from a trusted organization. Just think that a post that ten of your friends like on Facebook could be visualized by ten other friends and then a lie can become a truth. Are you smart on what you have been sharing? The internet is going to take you to a parallel world where people just care about money and popularity that they don’t have to their personal life.

The real life is every time more distant from where we are now and is so unreal when I receive the message from someone that says “I’m going” to the event you have ignored before but the real social thing is far from where we all are in the reality. Probably you’re just going to click on that thing to get status and show to the other ones that you have something that they don’t have. Is your real life a game of going or not going on Facebook events or upvotes on online forums that are going to judge that you are smart, beautiful, intelligent or whatever it is?

You don’t know anymore what is privacy. You’re making check-ins everywhere and being tracked by your phone to get localized advertisements. Get your personal information just for yourself and please stop sharing everything. All you do online is tracked, saved and machine-analyzed to make your profile to show to others what you are and where you are every time. Caution to this because malicious people are also tracking you.

We are going too fast and too under at the same time. We are a genius of the technology and we already know what are the benefits and what are the loss we are going to face but we are just ignoring the “stay hungry, stay foolish” while we think that we are too smart for this new world. Take a selfie of yourself and remember that you are human and have a life and that are people near you all the time. Not bots, real people. I’m not telling you to stop sharing and stopping with the likes to start socializing again with the human touch but this is an alert not only for you but for me as well to know where we are going before it is too late. We don’t know the truth on the other side of this screen.

Originally wrote in 2014, in Portuguese.

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