Perspective from a Cell Wall

By: Hunter Pack, Chase Harrison, Jackson Hill

After quite a lot of thought about this I have finally decided to speak up. It’s like all that people focus on when they talk about cells is the nucleus. All you hear about is how important the nucleus is to the cell. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a very important part because it controls all of the cell’s activities, but what about the rest of us? We’re just pushed aside and not hardly mentioned. Why don’t you try being a cell wall for a day and then tell me how easy it is? Without me a cell wouldn’t stand a chance. I provide it with structural support and protection. That is a major key to anything’s survival. Not only that, but I also act as a pressure vessel. Whenever water enters the cell I prevent it from over-expanding. There are other functions I do, but those are the ones most worth mentioning. My point is that there are other things a cell has that are important to it other than a nucleus. So next time you decide to talk about or look at cells, try to think about the rest of us for a change. After all, we organelles work together to help the cell function so that you can function properly.

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