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Writing to improve my design work

started writing this blog to formulate my thoughts on design and the world around design. The act of formulating is important for me to aid myself in the process about design and self-improvement. Being insecure about your work and the process is normal as young designer, but you need a way to reflect in how you approach your work. Writing about this insecurity and your approach is in that way a form of evaluation.

In school, internships or even work you get a lot of explicit and implicit feedback from your peers. We make notes, we collect feedback & we adjust our designs. This creates a network of vague ideas and action points to improve yourself a designer.

I read Kenya Hara’s ‘Designing Design’ and the first little piece of information in that book already describes it:

Verbalizing design is another act of design

Now this quote has been shared by other writing designers like Andy Polaine. But it does capture where I see the benefit of writing. By formulating the little broken pieces of information about a certain subject you create a more solid mental model to use in your daily activities. You could call this designing your design. You form insights into a shape that is usable to achieve goals.

Now I am planning to take the habit of daily writing of around 1000 words. I do believe in the benefits Srinivas Rao states in his article ‘Why I write 1000 words a day’. I have to be careful not to let that get in the way of all the side-projects im planning to do, because I do believe that the actual act of designing is more beneficial to me in this time of my career than writing about it.

One thing I could do however is to share the actual journal entries that I write after formulating my thoughts about a design subject or project. I suppose that the things I learn can be beneficial to others.

Thanks for reading my short thought entry. If you like to see my design journal entries like my post and follow, and I will share some design thinking very soon!