a look at Amy Schumer’s new movie and what it says about beauty and love.

I wanted to feel prettier after seeing “I Feel Pretty.”

To be fair, that’s a hefty expectation to impose on a movie — to erase decades of conditioning that tells women we are pretty in exact proportion to how much we live up to an impossible ideal.

Oooh, the ideal. It’s so yummy. It’s so deliciously skinny and perfect and glowy that I guess the movie producers figured we’d all enjoy a two-hour swim in a sea of painfully thin and gorgeous models who surround…

Some brave souls call Hugh Hefner a feminist hero, and by God, they are 100% correct — in Bizarro world. On Bizarro, (the only planet on which one could reasonably make such a claim), Hugh built an empire based on his legendary respect for women. Won’t you join me over here for jazz and a cocktail? Let’s have a toast and remember how it all went down:

Bizarro Hugh was tired of the uptight fifties. “What about sex?” he cried. “What about fun?” He wanted to create a magazine that celebrated the pleasures of life, and he knew a nude…

Season Two of Master or None was deliciously binge-able. There were so many inventive moments. Portraying a deaf woman’s storyline in total silence? Brilliant! Watching an African-American queer woman journey out of the closet through a series of Thanksgivings? So touching and well-drawn! Both Aziz Ansari and his character Dev take pains to understand the lives of human beings other than themselves- a refreshing contrast to most auteur-driven shows that generally star hilarious but wearyingly narcissistic protagonists. It is in that context that the love story between Dev and Francesca is all the more disappointing. For although Dev meets a…

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