Texas A&M University President says professor’s “white people may need to die to achieve equality”…
Amora Rivera

Thanks for posting the whole clip. What Curry says is not nearly as bad as the only phrase you’ve taken out of context. Basically, he’s making the same argument that white militia supporters have been making for 20 years: “The authorities are not our friends. Our group needs to bear arms for the rest of society to take us seriously.” 
Those of us old enough to remember how Gov. Ronald Reagan started supporting gun control only after the Black Panthers started swaggering around with shotguns know what he means. 
At the same time, it’s a stupid argument by Tommy Curry just as it’s a stupid argument by Cliven Bundy et al. Killings of unarmed black people won’t be reduced by blacks arming themselves, but by [1] changes in police training to focus on de-escalation before resorting to deadly force and [2] repeal of stand your ground laws.

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