The year of the #freeportrait

It actually started the last week of 2015. I had the week off work and decided to sit at a coffee shop and offer free portraits. I met some nice people. Not all of them let me make their portrait, but it was great to sit and talk with people. After that week I decided that through out 2016 I will do regular free portrait sessions. No strings attached…

I need the practice. Lighting. Posing. And maybe the hardest part, personal interaction that puts the subject at ease and allows them to let down their guard.

A few months ago a friend of mine who is part of a local web developers group called ABQ Web Geeks invited me to one of their meetings. I had fun, people laughed, there was beer. I must have done something right because they invited me back. So if you are in the Nob Hill area of Albuquerque on June 1st, look at their website and check out the event they are having.

Below are some of the portraits I made.

practice. practice. practice.

If you like portraits of techies, go check out Helena Price’s work. It is better and has much more meaning behind it.