I must confess my experience today was awesome. On this third day, I was able to manage my time effectively. I commenced today’s task immediately after i pushed my home session yesterday. The tasks were quite smooth with little challenges. I have discovered that the farther i go in the bootcamp the more opened I am to learning. During the course of my Home exercises I took my time to study new ideas and new topics i came across.

I learnt about Array.prototype, I was able to study Binary Search, its application and its advantage over linear search. I was able to figure out the idea of comparing two arrays in order to identify the missing number in it. I ensured I did not repeat the mistakes i that have been corrected by my BFA.

The front end development was the most interesting part of today’s task. In fact it occurred to me that the ability to apply what someone has learnt straight away is what has made programming attain a height in the field of science. I was able to learn and apply some HTML 5 tags and scripting styles. The motive behind this simple web interface was having a platform where success quotes can be shared with bootcampers which can serve as means of encouragement and also a platform where bootcampers can access any information pertaining to the bootcamp.

Even though I still had a challenging experience this day, i still retain my positive attitude towards life.