When Your Calling To Be a Healer Needs Healing Itself

Most of us probably “do just the bare minimum of good” — for good reason. But, what if we wanted to do just a little more?

James from PASTORIA
3 min readJul 7, 2024

Believe it or not, the healers of our time seem to go through a similar progression of life. There is probably an elaborate way of explaining what this progression looks like.

But, how about we keep things simple and think of it as the following…

I. Initiation: They somehow get to the conclusion that they should help make the world a better place. Some call this a, “calling.” So, they go to school to make it a genuine profession and they do well enough to get hired somewhere.

II. Bewilderment: The work that they do is somewhere between meaningful and meaningless — it does not seem to be clearly one or the other. So, they work hard and keep an eye out for opportunities that would help them see the fruits of their labor.

III. Crisis: At some point, however, they connect the dots. What they see is a confluence of factors that seemingly keep things from being better beyond a certain point.

Moreover, what they realize is that the thing that is supposed to make the world better, itself, needs to get better. Trying to make that…



James from PASTORIA

Chief Product Officer @ PASTORIA - integrating AI, design, and theology to form and guide the healers of our time