How to Get Followers (Infographic)

Gaining followers on any social media platform is easier than you think. There are some basic elements that can be used on any medium.

Your Niche

Stick to one area. This might be hard, but it’s the only way to grow. The people who follow you are interested in that one particular topic you know everything about. Focusing on one subject will help you become an authority figure. These are the niche steps to gaining followers.

Be Consistent

This may seem like a no brainer, but you’d be surprised how many creators and entrepreneurs forget about this step. Any content you create must be posted daily. It’s easier for followers to forget about you if your content isn’t in their face everyday. Consistency is always a good way to attract new followers. Think of Instagram’s discovery page.

Provide Value

If your content is good, people will find you. Be original and give people something they can’t find anywhere else. There are multiple YouTube pages, what makes yours different? Create the great content that people want to share.

These are just the first steps to growing your follower count. Don’t rush this process. It takes months and could take years to grow your accounts to be profitable. Focus your energy on the process. Everything else will take care of itself.