You Can Change Who You Are

Change is inevitable. Make the improvement progressive and positive.

Growth is always the goal. Every single day, growth is the main focus. One way I always ensure that I’m growing is by learning something new every single day. My focus is podcasting, marketing and media creation. Therefore, it’s my duty to learn at least one new thing about my topics. This is what helps me change who I am. I’m constantly evolving and shifting my knowledge on several different subjects.

Everybody looks at you strange, saying you changed. Like you worked that hard to stay the same. JAY-Z

This is one of my favorite quotes. It has so much meaning. When you’re growing and changing, the people around you might react differently. Some people will respect it. You have those relationships where you are supported no matter what. This might be a favorite parent or very best friend.

You’ll also have those people that react negatively. Now this is usually because they feel very stuck and stagnant. If you’ve been friends with John since middle school and you leave for college, when you return home, it will be difficult to remain friends with John. Life has helped you grow while John was stuck in his hometown probably working a dead-end job. (There’s nothing wrong with that.)

Some people in your life don’t want you to change simply because it wont’ benefit them. You improving your life will only make them focus on the realities of their situation. Stop doing drugs and your friends that do drugs lose a partner AND more drugs. (We all know someone who loves to smoke for free.)

It’s cliché, but calling these people “haters” fits perfectly. It’s hard for others to watch people they know progress while they remain stuck. Remember, this isn’t your fault. It’s impossible to control the actions or feelings of others. Focus on what you can control.

You can’t remain the same and reach the next level in life. If you never grow, mature or alter your way of thinking, there is no way to rise. For example, a high school basketball player must develop different habits if his goal is to play in college. That same player will have to improve his game when it’s time for the NBA. All those hours spent in the gym and the film room are aspects of improvement and growth.

Part of changing who you are is changing your mind. Opinions should change when more facts are discovered. In the age of online debates and arguments that transpire in seconds, this freedom is necessary. Understand that it’s acceptable if you don’t know everything.

Most of the well known celebrities we know have reinvented themselves. Jay-Z went from drug dealer, to rapper and know he’s an all-around mogul. Ludacris was just seen as a rapper for years. Now he’s making great money with every Fast and Furious movie released. Same for Tyrese. Look at all the athletes that still have great careers after retiring in their sport. Learning never stops. There’s no such thing as being too old.

There is part of you that you can’t change. Never compromise your values or morals for anyone or anything.