One of the most important things that I think about everyday is the ideas of moments. I’m a huge believer in fate and karma and all that stuff, so yes, I do think that everything happens for a reason.

My obsession with ‘moments’ began one day when I felt this immense feeling of being alive (if you’ve ever read or watched The Perks of being a Wallflower, you’ll know what I mean). It happens when I truly feel happy with my life and the things that I’m experiencing. I call them ‘infinite moments’ (like on Perks). They are the moments where I literally feel infinite and it’s a sensation where I believe anything is possible. I feel truly uplifted and motivated, and it’s as though in that one moment, nothing can go wrong.

For example, the first time I went to New York and stepped off the plane and walked into Times Square from the tube and I had this overwhelming sense of peace and happiness.

Another time was when I was driving with my mum and we had the music on full blast singing along to The Killers. These moments don’t necessarily have to be huge, life-changing moments; they’re merely just memories where you feel the most alive you possibly can. I can only describe it as a state of euphoria.

They’re few and rare but Jesus when they happen, they’re so beautiful. They make me realise and remember just how amazing life is; how amazing life can be.

One moment that I explicitly remember from this year is when I was in America and I went to see the One Direction concert with my Aunty and cousin. That whole weekend was full of notable moments and I know that I’ll remember them forever.

When things like that happen, I like to write them down so that I’ll never forget how they made me feel. I have a memory/moments jar and every time something wonderful or note-worthy occurs in my life, I write it down so that whenever I feel down I can look back and remember that life isn’t always as difficult as it is in that instant.

This post wasn’t actually supposed to be as soppy and emotional as it has turned out but it’s a topic that is very close to my heart.

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