iMessage isn’t the glue Apple thinks it is
Owen Williams

I switched to the Samsung S8 earlier this year after 7 years of being on iPhone, I fell in love with the hardware specially that screen.

Made the switch, stopped using imessage and started using Telegram/Whatsapp..

The screen was great, amazing actually, small bezels. Android was fine too.

What wasnt fine? The Android App quality when compared to iOS.

They are magnitudes apart. For example email applications, none of the email applications I tried supported HTML Signatures! *gasp*

Coming from iOS where I use to use Spark as my email client, none of the Android email clients even came close!

Little by little I started longing for the iOS apps I took for granted, on iOS I feel like developers and designers really go above and beyond whereas Android the apps just feel like something they “have” to do.

In any case, after 3–4 months on the S8 I went back to my iPhone 7; Yes, I went back to an outdated looking phone with a very insignificant screen and huge bezels; but it didnt matter because to me the Apps on iOS were worth it.

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