My Thailand Internship

I’m Ipsita from India. I recently went to the land of smiles that is Thailand from AIESEC for an exchange. The name of my project was Sawasdee Thailand National Project 7 where I had to teach Thai children English in the rural areas of Thailand.Those children had very little or no knowledge of the language. Yes, this was a very challenging task and takes a lot of mental stability as well as confidence because going alone to a foreign land where you have never been before where you can trust absolutely none is not easy job. I knew what worst things can happen. I was ready for almost everything but I didn’t lose hope and continued to believe in myself.

Stepping out of your comfort zone and travelling makes you a person with a good personality as well as provides experience which nowadays is important for wherever you go and whatever you do. If you have an experience of what it’s like to travel abroad alone, it cannot be replaced by anything. Nothing can substitute such experience. It is important for building leadership qualities among youth of our generation. Sitting in a room covered by four walls doesn’t provide you with priceless moments or amazing experiences. It wastes time and time waits for none. Keeping that in mind, I chose to travel through AIESEC and I can now proudly say that I’m not the old Ipsita anymore. If anybody comes up with an idea now, I can come up with a even more mature idea. I got to learn so many new

things, different culture, got to taste different food, met new people, made new friends. This wouldn’t have been possible if I just sat in my room doing normal things as other teens do. I experienced it, and I want other young people who are now sitting and wasting their valuable time to go out, take risks, fall down, you’ll wake up again being stronger, travel abroad, be a teen with an amazing personality, astonish people around you. I would like to thank AIESEC Kolkata as well as AIESEC Bangkok for giving me such a wonderful opportunity to develop myself as an individual. I believe that this can help me in the long run in my future.

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