Are We Immune To Karmic Relationships?

These past few days I’ve been contemplating on karmic relationships and what they have to teach us. I’ve asked myself does everyone go through these life lessons or is it only a small percentage and if it’s only about 10% what have people learned from it?

Well it so happens I seen a video of Donald Trump our POTUS, his three wives and how he uses his past experience to inspire people we are not all perfect and deserve forgiveness.

Click here to read Instyle article on Trump, his wives and what they have meant to him from scandals to finding his life partner. ❤

As per Google, A karmic relationship is a romantic bond that is formed with someone in your soul group in order to heal past life lessons and pain. Karmic relationships are the type of soulmate relationships that no one wants, but everyone has. They’re difficult, emotionally taxing, abusive, controlling and manipulative.

Karmic Relationship — Anastasia & Christian Grey

These type of relationships are here to teach us life lessons. Some people carry your lessons and some people carry your vision. There are 2 types of people that you will encounter in your lifetime.

“Learn The Lesson To Get To Your Blessing” ❤
(Lesson People)
Vision people are partners you are both aligned with to serve a greater purpose to what you came here to do. ❤

When you love someone and although they have great qualities and you just love, love, love them and they carry your lesson it can be very difficult to separate from that person and that may not be the partner that can help you and you help them bring about a greater purpose.

For Example:

You may be with a partner and the relationship reflects how you both feel and it may have great things to offer the world however the partner that has your “vision” is someone that you realize when you connect with he or she you can go further together with this vision then you could of done separately.

And so in reality…


It’s called “ The Power Of Agreement” ❤

When you have just “YOU” and no one else the only thing stronger than a thought is a word but what’s stronger than a word is an agreement. With the right person that carries your vision you can move mountains and manifest greater things together.

And so as I noticed Trump’s three wives and based on video I seen surfing around social media… He mentions he was in love with his first wife, the second wife brought scandal and short-lived and based on my observations seems like it was not based on a vision but superficial as Marla Maples was a model and beautiful I must say but the intention was not based in “power of agreement”.

Could it be for publicity? Who knows! But it made headlines.

His latest wife to Melania (First lady of the United States) is also a beautiful model and seems she carries out the vision partnership as they both have a vision to MAGA! Although she stays somewhat away from the limelight and not very much involved as we speak. To Trump I believe she is perfect as she is quieter, respects him, is stylish and a mother. Maybe later we will see what she will contribute to The White House.

Life is interesting. We meet our lessons and we grow. It’s LIFE. ❤

Sharing is sexy, if you learned something and found value just as I did when I discovered the difference… share away! ❤