Cracking The SuperHero Day Code :)

Today is #NationalSuperHeroDay and I must say there was not much buzz happening in social media and so I asked myself “Does anyone know it’s a superhero day?!” When I speak of superheros I am not speaking of characters in capes or action heros in movies but in general.

Everyday peeps that work hard and sacrifice their daily lives to save other human beings

I seen an instagram post from Henry Caville a.k.a hashtag #Superman and I got to give him “A” for effort for tagging every superhero in the post and mad props for branding not only “DC comics” but Marvel and every actor in hollywood! Lol! :)

Take a look at post below

I found it funny but then said Aye Caville! and put my head down and took a breather for a second and said let me help you out and share some fascinating advice when it comes to branding “millennials” because after all what your trying to target is the young generation although some exeeeers are still digging DC comics! When it comes to fascinating millennials know this…

Millennials don’t want to be fascinated, they want to be fascinating! :)

And what that means is although they think your movie is cool… all they want to be is fascinating. And so you may ask but I am an action hero? And yes I would say “Yes Superman you are” however what action steps are you taking to include them in your post or have them join you in some type of adventure?

See millennials love to get involved. They love being part of a group, association, event, discussion etc…. and so when it’s all about the characters hashtag #Superman and your crew your not really talking to them and you are being ignored… even if you have like 10,000 likes and some engagement
Remember not all engagement is good engagement and not all likes mean they will be captivated and what you need to do is captivate them!

When you give millennials a chance to captivate other peeps you open the door to more eyeballs and eyeballs is what you want! It’s okay to stop working soo hard, just involve them! :)

When you do give them permission to be part of your group, association, trend then you are saying I value you and your cool too! :)

random millennials posing as characters :)

Some may say but that’s selfish! Not! that’s not selfish that is the new generation. A decade ago prior to the internet you didn’t see this happening… we seen televison ads and magazine ads how cool a movie was and we paid to watch it at the theater. Today it’s very different. Technology has changed the game it provokes people to think in new ways!

As per Kelton study on fascination…

And so I end this blog just to share some stats on millennials and how it’s about fanatics and one way to capture them is by including them to feel the experience.

Happy Friday! ❤

Sharing is sexy, if you found value share away :)

Laura Ramos / Branding Fascinista