Enticing Ways To Boost Your Sexy Life With Maca

Maca pronounced [MAH-kuh] is a hidden controversial herb in Peru that will change your life. Don’t believe? Read on…

Have you ever ignored a product people had recommended and then after trying it you say “Why didn’t I try it sooner?” Well, that is what just recently happened to me!

Not to confuse maca with green “matcha”

Totally different herbs and different results too!

Here is a picture of malty beige powder maca

Peruvian Maca (Herb)

This year I’m taking back my health

Last year I hit a wall literately! Little by little I’m getting back in shape from the inside out and since I was shopping for fermented kombuchas and such decided to turn up in the organic aisle of Sprouts Supermarket and there it was…. Ahhhhhhh the angels were singing… the trumpets were getting louder…

This is the exact brand “Navitas” I bought for about ten dollars

I read it and liked that it’s Incan Superfood what the indigenous intake as part of their lifestyle. For some reason I’m attracting lots of stuff, culture, people from the country of PERU. I even met a lady that sells at our local farmers market from Peru which now she is my friend and imports cute peruvian goods into the US to sell at her shop.

(All legal) :) In case inquiry minds wanna know…. :)

I’m going to see her on friday so I will ask her what she thinks about maca? And well, it’s past friday and she believes in it and says it works!

And so it’s going to be a week tomorrow since I’ve been on this magical buzzing herb and I got to say “Holy Cow!” why didn’t I try it sooner?

My mood has drastically improved 100%, I feel more balanced, happier, more sexier, energetic, less stressed out and have no PMS symptoms! The only dilemma is not using too much as it can act as a Viagra! (I’M NOT KIDDING!) :)

Laura’s Results:

As of today (updated blog) Sept 10, 2017 — I’ve been on maca for about 3 months consistently and took 2 weeks off and got back on it again. What has resulted is inches lost, shapely breasts and rounder gluteus maximus (booty)

You can purchase maca powder packaged or pills.

Never tried the pills as I believe the effects would be greater in powder form. Ways you can use maca is by adding it to your:

  • Meatball Soups, Vegetable soups, Tortilla soups
  • Shakes (Add bananas, maca powder, honey, cinammon, ice, cocoa powder, chia seeds)
  • Add it to any food your about to devour!

I became obsessed right away with just one serving the first day and said Whoooa! Yeeeeah!

Definitely something was not right with my body and was soo out of wack because I am feeling like a million bucks now!
If your hormones are wacky you may tend to carry more fat in your upper body like chest, arms, etc… and lack estrogen and as a result, your fat will start to distribute more in your hips and butt as your estrogen levels increase which means if you consistently take it… Baby Got Back :)

And so my advice is just as any superfood you take… all in moderation! You need to be careful how much you intake as if you add a bunch of it to your food or shakes your sexual urge will be madly uncontrollable! Don’t say I didn’t warn you! ❤

calm down kitty!


To Your Sex Life! ❤

Laura / Branding & Marketing Fascinista

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