Fascinate! Make it worth their while

A couple of months ago I was eating chinese food and of course couldn’t help to break a fortune cookie apart to see what little message is inside and so this is what I open to…

(fortune cookie)

I thought to myself… Nice! :) It’s really sweet and nice but in reality we all know it takes more than interests to capture the highest status or prestigious companies especially business. At that time I was not promoting branding and marketing (fascinate) and internally I was already doing the work and volunteering at social events for my community.

The picture in my header is an Italian event in Los Angeles held every year to raise funds and eat, drink and support Italians. It’s ironic I’m writing this blog because just recently there was an earthquake. Prayers to Italy.

Volunteering at this event helped me get out of my comfort zone. Greeted visitors, passed out pamphlets (dining tents) they can attend however my job was to influence them to sit at our tents and watch Italian chef cook seafood. I was feeling pretty confident as many were heading our way and some would ask questions… Just don’t ask me in Italian because as close as I am to Italian is Spanish ha! :)

Now keep in mind all of this was before learning branding and marketing and I ask myself had I known how to fascinate people I would of been more successful but the point was not to be successful at this event it was to make people feel welcomed and enjoy great food, wine and music. The venue was beautiful and prestigious I felt I was in Italy. Good thing after our job was done we got to eat and drink! :)

And I ask are these the type of events that I can attract Prestige? You bet! Back then all I was thinking was meeting people, socializing, being in the ambiance even if I was working which was not really work it was fun work! :) I’ve always been fascinated by fancy hotels, art, opera, fashion, the elite. So much so that I was fascinated by the documentary “The One-Percent” with Johnson & Johnson. My mouth was dropping in awe! I also seen a documentary in PBS how the wealthy live and I was glued to the television set! (Save the judgement lol)


Would you know how to attract or fascinate prestigious brands, people or companies based on this fortune cookie?

You probably would have to change YOURSELF or your LIFESTYLE and who wants that? It’s better to be genuine and authentic than to be someone your not especially in social media.

See when it comes to FASCINATION it’s not to change who YOU are… it’s to become MORE of who you are!

I’m a passionate, innovative woman (catalyst) and believe we all have a little of some other traits inside of us.

Being that I’m a classical musician and always self-educating myself to grow and learn from others and fascinated by ambition, results, respect, aspirational and the elite would classify me into this category but it’s not my main trait. PASSION is.

Do I believe the fortune cookie? Or do I just laugh about it and say “Yeah right!” Call me an optomist but I’m always intrigued by these funny messages in cookies and say “Yes!” Working on it :)

random cookie :)

What do you think will happen next? I’m clueless. But all I know is GET BUSY loving what you do! :)

Much Love,

Laura XOXO