Fascinating Pineapple Reasons To LOVE This Juicy Fruit!

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There is a fruit staple that is always in my fridge and that is… you guessed it! PINEAPPLE!

Why Should I love Pineapple?

There are many reasons to love this exotic juicy fruit not because it’s yummy but because it’s super duper healthy! See, when we eat something soo good it’s not always healthy however if you have both sweetness and healthy properties it’s a win/win!

Reason I decided to blog about pineapples is because I ate some today! It was cold pineapple and just loved it!

Take a look at video below

Who knew!
The unbelievable benefits of “Pineapple” are the reason one must eat it but no over do it. Everything in moderation as I hear too much of it is not too good either.

In Hawaii this is an exotic fruit they can’t live without as you will see many sipping on pineapple’s on a straw.. They also use it for medicinal purposes as it treats indigestion to allergies. It has vitamic C, B1, potassium and manganese.

The secret sauce to pineapples is: Bromelain. After doing research I found out bromelain aids in the following health problems such as:



Autoimmune Diseases

Sinus Infections

Sprained Ankles


ACL tears


I don’t know about everyone but that is a whole lot of symptoms that pineapple can help! As I ate some today I felt happy! Is it because it’s juicy? I don’t know but my body loved it. Maybe I need to intake more of it a whole lot more!! :)

So there ya have it! Eat more Pina para la nina! (Pineapple for the little girl) haha!

Toodles! XO!