I’d Tell You But You Wouldn’t Understand, Sincerely October.

October is here month tenth! Ten’s are endings of a cycle but are we feeling like a ten?

October 10

Jupiter enters Scorpio where there is expansion with passion, intimacy, jealousy, death and rebirth, diving deep and revenge.

When this happens it goes viral! Think how quickly a tweet does damage!

Last time we had Scorpio in Jupiter was in 2005–2006. Let’s not go back to the future Marty let’s go back to the past shall we?

Do you remember anything exciting? lucky? during this transit back then?

I remember getting chosen via a lottery drawing of thousands and thousands of postal cards to work at the largest west-coast ports. Hard work but rewarding financially with plenty of flexibility as it’s open 24/7. I’d work in the mornings, evenings or graveyard shifts and so I loved that! When the drawing was held both my brother and sister also applied but didn’t get chosen.

Scorpio is a sister sign of cancer and pisces and I’ve said it’s beneficial for everyone however this is their water-squad and very favoring. Hellooo! My sister is a Capricorn and brother a Gemini and so it makes sense now. Back then I didn’t realize how lucky I was and was not fascinated with planetary movements as I am today or perhaps just not aware because I was a science-geek as a kid.

As Steve Jobs quotes: “You can’t connect the dots looking forward; you can only connect them looking backwards. So you have to trust that the dots will somehow connect in your future.”

Scorpio rules sex and there could be a lot of media coverage, world news related to abuse of sex or using sex to gain control.


{{{ Interestingly Weinstein has Scorpio in Mars so that should tell you a lot about the dark side of Scorpio from addictions to obsessions. But I’m not here to judge he has lots of it already! }}}

October 11

(Mars In Virgo Squaring Saturn In Sagittarius)

There’s tension in doing something right in order to achieve your intentions regarding higher education, travel or politics. There could be foreign aggression, aggressive tactics taken by foreign lands or people, revenge, loss of optimism or depression.

Commit to yourself and leave difficult circumstances…

It’s a day where your going to hear of massive amount of corruption and you will also hear people who are abused speaking up about these subjects finally seeing the light and leaving these abusive relationships. Hence #metoo online campaign movement that started in 2006 however there’s a greater awareness now due to the #HarveyWeinsteinScandal and Woody Allen’s past. You can read article here

Venus in Virgo square Black Moon Lilith.

If you’ve read my previous energy blogs you will remember I talked about the intensity of this female moon. She’s your worst nightmare. You can read it here

We’re talking about dysfunctional relationships, abusive relationships, control tendency in relationships, depression, seeing the real deal and seeing people who they are. There’s an analysis of this and we are saying


Whether it’s reputation with the world, foreign lands, politics and playing one person against another.

October 12

(Mercury In Libra Sextile North Node In Leo And Saturn In Sagittarius)

Communication regarding fairness and partnerships supports Leadership and engagement. Great day to have a good conversation that is fair regarding commitment. You will see successful business mergers, people getting proposed in a foreign way and in a weird environment.

October 15

(Mercury In Libra Opposing Uranus In Aries, Mars Squaring Black Lilith)

These are times when you give people a hand and they take your arm. Somebody took something way too far. If forgiveness was given in any way it is now being used as a tool of manipulation and control. If your asking for forgiveness make sure that you express why you are forgiving someone. Express that you had the right to feel the way you felt. You have to value your feelings. If you don’t express why your sorry it could be used against you.

October 17

The Sun In Libra Sextiles North Node In Leo (All this means they’re having fun underneath the sheets) notice the word: sex

The goal for this day is fair partnerships. Being your own Leader. Questions to ponder…

  • How are you a Leader in your own life?
  • How do you take care of your responsibilities?
  • Are you being responsible?
  • Are you being fair?
  • Are you being selfless when it serves the collective and not using controlling or manipulative tactics?

Some may be presented with extravagant gifts. Justice is served on this day. It’s a day when you get a settlement of any sort. You will notice lateral career moves meaning exact same position but in another department. Or a move from one location to another location with same title.

October 19

(Sun In Libra sextile Black Moon Lilith)

She is deadly. Anything she touches she turns venomous! You need to understand the source behind that dark source.

Rebels and bad girls are supported globally and illuminated on the world stage. This is a big lesbian movement or very much like Brigitte Bardot type of energy. The bad girls smoking cigarettes.

When speaking of black moon lilith being deadly and snakes it’s not saying what these females are doing is wrong they are just tired of being told to be a certain way. We’ve had the media that expresses it doesn’t matter what your weight is your still beautiful. Dove brands celebrities and different nationalities on the meaning of beauty.

The only caveat with this is if it’s not aligned with who you are and you try to become a rebel or bad chick it will not go well this is why it’s important you understand your natal chart a little more. You can hire someone online who interprets them. I’ve followed Susan Miller’s work for years and although I haven’t purchased one from her as I got mine interpreted already I trust in her work. To see her website click here

Cacique brand:

Plus models expressing themselves under the campaign #ImNoAngel meaning we’re not Victoria Secret’s Angels…

Victoria Secret Angels

Whether Dove, Cacique, Victoria Secret

October 24

(Mercury In Scorpio Trines Neptune In Pisces)

Trines is when it forms a triangle in perfection and it’s good. It’s a time when your diving deep in the past to heal the present or using the power of your own intuition to connect with intimacy. There’s something from your past that needs to be healed. You’re going to analyze a past wound that is affecting your present capacity to be intimate with your children, your partner, in your work and giving credit where it’s due.

Understanding people at a soul-to-soul level. It’s a beautiful day to have self-awareness of your own suffering and how that wounding has shaped you in the present and the ability to be who you are!

Be Who You Are? — It’s Been Done Already!

What’s happening right now is a new shift of females not being celebrated… they will be lionized with applause! ROAR!

It’s Their Turn!

The dilemma is she tends to over-indulge try not to over-do-it in this area of your life. We seen Amber Rose earlier in October doing the #SLUTWALK demonstration which trended in twitter

Amber Rose #SLUTWALK in Los Angeles, CA


It went too far and people didn’t gravitate towards her message. When it comes to campaigning contradiction it needs to show people’s interest in your message not back-fire. Perhaps females based their decisions from her past desperately wanting celebrity stardom which she already has. When your famous you don’t need to push the envelope excessively. Less is more and when your not too-famous you need to stand out creatively! (fascinating tip!)


Will rebels be ignored?

No. I believe they will be more prominent and more popular. It’s a trend with this sexual Scorpio in jupiter! Remember what touches JUPITER blows up!

If your a lesbian, bad girl, good girl you have the right to express yourself out into the world with your unique identity with the love that you have in your heart ❤ and indisputably tell everyone


There’s nothing wrong with that just don’t push it …

October 26

(Sun Is In Scorpio Conjucting Jupiter In Scorpio)

A day you can go to the extreme with passion and revenge. These are people that will sabotage people just to do it. Discern these energies. Move toward the positive side of Scorpio which is passion, diving deep, getting to the bottom of things, the ability to get truly intimate, good sexual relationships, keep it balanced.

Drink some Maca… To know more about maca read my latest blog on this magical yummy shake here:

October 27

(Venus In Libra Squaring Pluto In Capricorn)

You may say to yourself

“I want to be in a love relationship but I don’t want to sacrifice to get it”
“I want my cake and eat it too!”

You will get your way however someone will sacrifice themselves to make you happy or vise-versa! If you require someone to suffer for you without really looking at the reason why you feel the way you feel this will cause a massive explosion and transformation in your business and in your romantic relationships.

This is strong arming!

(I’ve experienced this already and it’s not pretty)

October 30

(Mercury In Scorpio Squares The North Node In Leo)

Revenge and manipulation with divorces and deciding alimony or child-custody. This is defamation, public mockery and ridicule. Narcissistic energies are out of control. People are blaming other people so they will look better and that is their goal. That is what people are doing. If you find yourself in a dilemma where people are attempting to get you to react in a negative manner on this day make sure you say

“I don’t want anything to do with this”

Some may change plans or stir away from theatrical drama. Do not take sides on this day. Make sure anyone that you encounter you speak from your heart-center, a love-center but first and foremost make sure you love yourself first. As what we feel will be expressed. (Leo’s are very expressive)

An example of what can happen is… arguments over halloween parties. For example your BFF says…

Vogue invited me to their VIP Halloween Party and I didn’t get an invite from you?

This is catty type of energy!

Try to stay away from it and don’ be lead into confrontation. I personally avoid cat-fights even though real kitties show up in my balcony fighting ha! I guess this is why I don’t have many female friends as it’s a waste of energy or even watch The Bachelor Pad or other reality shows…

You may be out for halloween celebrations or taking your children out or your partner. There is someone in your midst that is a great Leader if it’s not yourself. Someone who might get you an uber, lyft or taxi-cab if you had one too many tequilas!

Usually you’ll notice Leadership is based on not sacrificing themselves to show how good they are well not here. This is real Leadership energy. Energy that is deciding with self-awareness that they’re going to be the ones that haven’t been drinking that night or maybe one drink at 6pm and it’s 1 am. They’re the one’s who will say I will be the designated driver and you may have to baby-sit.

October 31

(Venus In Libra Sextiling North Node In Leo)

Being all heart ❤ in fair and balance approaches to love and partnerships looking at your partner as a Leader and a lover of JUST “ACTION”

As mentioned on October 12th someone would propose… People who love costume role-playing might get proposed in front of everyone! It could be a surprise and you don’t even know it!

Whether your celebrating halloween or not someone may come to you and have a horrible break-up that has gone through a terrible experience and you are putting yourself, the time to comfort and provide support for this person in your life. Be there for that person. Listen to them. Be human. ❤

And so I end this blog with hoping everyone understands a little more about the mid-energies this month. It’s a lot to take in and if you should need to look back at the dates just re-read this blog again… This blog is not only based on planetary aspects but intuitive on a higher-level.

If it resonates great, if not then thanks for stopping by and being curious :)

Disclaimer: Not responsible for people’s choices. We all choose to create our own lives. As we say… planets cannot lie. ❤

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Laura Ramos / Branding Fascinista